We focus our efforts around mental health, sexual health, personal safety, and alcohol consumption, as well as Raisin Weekend, May Dip, and other University traditions.

The Wellbeing Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Union's Student's Representative Council (SRC) that works to promote positive health, wellbeing, and personal safety among students.

On the representative side, we work to identify issues of health, wellbeing and safety facing the community, and represent these perspectives to the Union and University to develop solutions. If there is a student health or wellbeing issue you think needs to be addressed, please feel free to reach out to the Student Health Officer at wellbeing@ or drop in to one of our committee meetings or the Wellbeing Forum.

On the awareness and support side, we put on events, lead social media campaigns, share resources, and more to support students and spread awareness about mental health and wellbeing and the support available in St Andrews. We put on themed weeks such as SHAG (Sexual Health Advice & Guidance) Week (Semester 1, Week 3) and Wellbeing Week (Semester 2, Week 12), we put on academic family-finding and befriending events during the start of the year, and we provide extra wellbeing support to the student body during stressful periods like Revision Weeks or Freshers' Week. Events we've held in the past include: movie nights, crafting sessions, dog-petting events, board game nights, and more!

Get Involved

Our weekly committee meetings are open to anyone to attend; feel free to come along whether you have an issue to raise or just want to hear what we're working on. They are held in person at the Union, and you can email wellbeing@ if you would like to attend.

We host monthly meetings of the Wellbeing Forum, which is a space where representatives from any student group interested in health and/or wellbeing can come together and hear about what others are up to, collaborate, share ideas, work together, lend resources and perspectives, and just generally help each other out. Individual students are also very welcome to come if you would like to hear about the different health and wellbeing initiatives in St Andrews, or if you're keen to help out. You can join the Wellbeing Microsoft Team and attend the meetings in the 'Wellbeing Forum' channel each month.

You can sign up to join our mailing list to receive weekly/bi-weekly emails from us with wellbeing resources, weekly workouts and affirmations, and updates on the Wellbeing Subcommittee's projects and events.

We always look for students volunteers to help run our big themed weeks (SHAG Week in Semester 1, Wellbeing Week in Semester 2), so watch our social media or sign up to the newsletter to hear about those opportunities if you're interested!

We recruit for subcommittee members at the end of the academic year in March/April, so if you are interested in applying for any of the positions for next year, keep an eye on our social media in the spring.


  • SRC Student Health Officer - Grace Greene (wellbeing@)
  • Director of Wellbeing and Equality - Caitlin Ridgway (dowell@)
  • Treasurer - Ishika Agarwal (ia44@)
  • Secretary - Eva Grenfell (eag23@)
  • Publicity Officer - Lucy Westenberger (lkw5@), Daisy Thomas-baruya ([email protected]) & Kelsie Cairns (kc218@)
  • Events Officers - Jenna Bornstein (jnb8@) & Siobhan Williams (sw305@)
  • Mental Wellbeing Representative - Niamh Molloy (nrm9@)
  • Sexual Health Representative - Incoronata Rendina (ir63@)
  • Personal Safety Representative - Clara Sousa (ccs8@)
  • Men's Representative - Ethan Bowden (eb282@)
  • Saints Sport Wellbeing Intern - Maanvi Chawla (mc390@)



This group is a Union subcommittee, not a society, so everyone's automatically a member!

Subcommittees are large groups funded directly by the Union.

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