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BAME Students' Network

We exist to provide a strong community, adequate resources, and effective support to the BAME students at the University.

The Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Students’ Network was originally established as an informal group to petition for name-blind applications at the University in 2019. In August of 2020 we became an official subcommittee of the Students’ Association, convened by the BAME Association Officer.

We exist to provide a strong community, adequate resources, and effective support to the BAME students at the University. While we acknowledge that the term BAME may not be entirely representative, we want to ensure that we are all-inclusive, and open to all minority students who may need support, help, or guidance.

Our aims are as follows:

  1. Create a network that provides resources, support, and a sense of community for BAME and minority students.
  2. Serve as a link between the University's administration and the student body, and work in collaboration with both to address and act on issues and concerns linked to race, racism, and ethnicity.
  3. Liaise with other student societies and subcommittees to promote BAME interests.

We understand that the BAME student experience comes with multiple challenges of its own, and it is often easy to feel isolated and alone as an ethnic minority student, but we want to assure existing and incoming students that while we maybe a small community, we’re extremely strong and close knit.

Over the coming year we will be holding multiple events, both virtual and eventually in person, to address and improve the BAME student experience at the University. These will include mixers for freshers and existing students, as well academic and culture-based talks and activities.

We are in the process of looking into hosting our own Access Conference in the upcoming year, and will be hosting the St Andrews Multicultural Week, which is to be held late in semester two. The St Andrews Multicultural Week was established in 2019, as a celebration of cultural diversity at the University. Last year we held a movie marathon, a food festival, and an art exhibition as part of this. This year we’re expanding further to incorporate critical discourse and dialogue on multiculturalism, as well as offering interactive virtual content.

Apart from our presence through events, we want to work in collaboration with the University and other student representatives to address minority representation, academic curriculum, careers, and alumni, as well as discrimination and reporting.


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