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All affiliated societies have a page on the Union website at This list is one of the main ways students find societies, buy memberships, and sign up to your mailing list, so it's really important to keep it up to date!


Every year, we'll get the details of your president, secretary, and treasurer from the Societies Committee and make them society website admins. 

To access the admin portal, visit your society's webpage and sign in under the Profile icon at the top, in the menu bar. Then, click the Edit pencil just next to the profile icon, and select your society's admin tools.

If nobody in your society can see the pencil button, email UnionWeb@ from your society's email address, and mention the St Andrews email address of your president, secretary, and treasurer.


Memberships will go on sale over summer at the price you said during affiliation. If there's something wrong with the memberships on sale, or they're not on sale when others are, email UnionWeb@ from your society's email address.

To view your members, select Members in your admin tools. You'll see a list of all your society admins, members, and people interested in your society who haven't bought membership yet.

Select "List Members by Group" for more information about what type of member each person is.

If someone has bought membership offline, you can add them to your membership list under Groups in your admin tools. Select "Standard Membership" then add them using the fields at the bottom of the page.

Similarly, you can make other committee members society admins by adding them to a group for their role. If a group for their role doesn't exist, create one with the type "Executive Committee Membership", then add them to it.

Mailing lists

The easiest way to contact your members and people interested in your society is the  feature in your admin tools. From here, you can compose emails and send them to different groups of people.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste email addresses from the Members tool into a spreadsheet or similar, then into your email client of choice. Always use BCC to send emails and keep everyone's addresses private. Make sure to take a fresh copy of the email addresses for every message you send, so if somebody unsubscribes or cancels their membership they stop recieving your emails.

Page content

In your admin tools, select Edit Details to change your page content.

You can also use News to share updates about your society in a blog-like format, Resources to share files like your constitution, Events to advertise events coming up, and  to allow people to register for free things you're doing.

All of these tools will appear automatically on your page when you start to use them.

Selling tickets

We can sell tickets for some types of event. If you'd like to sell tickets on the website, first add your event to your society page using the Events option in your admin tools, then email UnionWeb@ with your ticket price and quantity. A separate booking fee is added to the price of your ticket to cover card processing costs.


If you've got questions, problems, or feedback, email UnionWeb@. It's best to email from your society's email address -- particularly if your question is around admin access or membership sales.