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Society Admin and Memberships

Your executive committee (usually your President, Secretary, and Treasurer) are responsible for the administration and general running of your society. This page contains information to help you with this.

All affiliated societies have a page at which you should keep up to date to give information about your society, as this This involves using your website page to keep track of memberships and keep your information up to date.

Website Access

Members of your society’s executive committee have admin access to your society webpage. Who has access is shown under the committee section of the page.

To access the management page for your society, log in to your account and click your Society name under the 'Admin' button using the navigation bar in the top right.

If no one in your society has access to the website, email dosda@.

The admin panel will give you a number of options to choose from. See the Admin Panel section of this page for information on the actions available through the admin panel.


Setting up memberships

If you do not have membership available to buy for your society set up, please email dosda@ with the cost and types of membership. This should be done as part of reaffiliation.

Viewing your memberships

Click 'Members' to view a combined list of all of your members and mailing list signups.

Click 'List Members by Group' to see your members split into categories: Standard Membership (paid) and Mailing List (unpaid).

Using your mailing lists

The easiest way to email people from the lists stored on the website is to select, copy and paste the contents into an Excel spreadsheet. You can then copy the contents of this into your email client.

When sending emails, you should always use BCC to avoid sharing email addresses and stay within GDPR guidelines.

If a student cancells their signup or membership, they will no longer be listed on your website memberships page.

Committee Members

Adding Committee Member Positions

Click 'Groups', and then 'Create new group' to add new committee positions if you would like more members to have access to your website.

Adding / Changing Committee Members

Click 'Groups' to be see a list of committee positions and to add other committee members who may need admin access such as your secretary. Click on the position, tick the relevant name and click add. Old committee members can be removed this way too.

You can only add people who have already bought membership to the committee. All members of the society including the committee should buy membership!

Your Page Content

Click 'Edit Details' to change the information about your society that is shown on the page.

Webname: use this to give your society a named URL. You cannot change this once you have set it.

Logo: upload a logo for your society (preferably square).

Instagram: this link currently isn't visible.

Listing Description: the short description in the grey box on your page.

Description: the long description on your page, you can include images or any HTML code you want.

You can upload news stories, or documents using the 'News' and 'Resources' parts of the Admin Panel.

Admin Panel

Click 'Edit Details' to change the information about your society that is shown on the page.

You can upload society news headlines and updates to your page.

You need to create events before you can sell tickets. See Events and Tickets

Once you have created an event, you can create a ticket to sell. See Events and Tickets

This doesn't work, ignore it.

Click 'Members' to view a combined list of all of your members and mailing list signups.

Click 'Groups' to be able to add other committee members as admins.

This is how Mailing Lists are handled. Adding additional signup lists will hide the mailing list from your page.

This isn't enabled, ignore it.

This gives you information on all of your sales (e.g. Memberships).

This is how you can upload documents such as your constitution.

This doesn't work, ignore it.