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Birding Society is a student-led initiative encouraging the appreciation and study of local bird species.

Birding Society is a student-led initiative to facilitate the study of bird populations in the St Andrews area with our main goal being the consistent gathering of information about our local bird populations. Simultaneously, we are passionate about getting both experienced and novice birders involved in observing the local fauna, and we do this through bird walks which are open to birders of all levels. 

We take pride in fostering opportunities for biology students to gain experience in non-assessed wildlife fieldwork, which is undoubtedly beneficial for potential wildlife biologists. Through Birding Society, students are able to gain new skills regarding bird identification, transect and point-count methods, information analysis, and general knowledge of bird behavior.

In the long run, we hope to arrange events like expert talks, bird ringing demonstrations, and even trips to visit some of Scotland’s other amazing areas of bird activity. So far in St Andrews there has been an unaddressed need for a bird conservation approach such as ours, and by getting people excited about birdwatching we are confident that this society has the potential to benefit students, staff, and even the avian fauna of St Andrews on a grand scale!


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