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Welcome to the St Andrews Bee Society! We are a group of students dedicated to promoting beekeeping, bee conservation and the appreciation of all things bee!

Our members will be able to take part in hive inspections (when the bee season begins), the harvesting of honey and wax from the hives, our frequent and varied social events (pub crawls, club nights, cocktail evenings and many more), sustainable crafting and pollinator friendly conservation work.

Our key focus is to inspire  sustainable living and the next generation of beekeepers  at St Andrews.

The aims of our society are to: 

  • Install and maintain beehives in St Andrews and Fife to improve pollinator populations on campus.

  • Teach members how to keep bees and maintain hives in collaboration with local beekeeping societies and trained beekeepers within the university. 

  • Highlight the importance of bees to local ecosystems and food chains, through conservation - related events and guest lectures

  • Highlight the threats facing the bee populations in Britain, such as climate change, loss of habitat and use of insecticides in commercial farming.

  • Raise funds for bee-related conservation projects via social events.

  • Respond to recent environmental reporting on biodiversity to protect native bumblebees with workshops relating to sustainable living and crafting


Memberships for 2024-25 will be available in September.

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