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Welcome to the Vegan & Vegetarian Society!

Vegsoc is an inclusive society, brought together by the shared enthusiasm for everything veggie and vegan. We are focused on fostering a plant-based community in St Andrews and hold a variety of events and stalls through the year; bake sales, outreach, movie nights, bonfires and our staple fortnightly dinners. Members get a discount on dinners and have the opportunity to volunteer to coko alongside the committee members. We a growing group and we are always looking for ways to collaborate with other societies.

We send out weekly emails detailing our events and other vegan-related opportunities which can also be found on our instagram page. The current membership is £3 for the whole year and our bi weekly dinners are £3 or £1.50 for members. If you have any questions about our events, vegan life in St Andrews, or anything else, you can email us or otherwise get in touch via our social media.




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