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Chinese Hongpao

Integrating Chinese Culture into a delightful student life in St. Andrews. Providing culinary experiences, leisurely events, and sporting activities for all.

Every Saturday, we will enrich your student life with distinct events with an element of Chinese culture. 
Our Events Road Map will be updated on a half-semester basis through your feedback. Subscribe to our membership now for us to keep bringing you more! 
Hongpao Events Road Map (Orientation Week to ILW)
Mid-Autumn Afternoon Tea Party (Orientation Week): Enjoy our introductory event with a slice of mooncake and prestigious Chinese tea! Gather around with friends at the Union playing table top social games such as Avalon and Mahjong to enjoy the moonlit evening! 
Adoption Party (Week 1): Come together at the VIC to find your academic family for the upcoming Raisin Weekend Party at Independent Learning Week! With our HarryPotter x MBTI thematic, you can socialize into the night finding all types of people to your liking!

Werewolves LangRenSha (Week 2 and 5): The popular social deduction game that stormed across Chinese internet live in St Andrews! Experience competitive gameplay with stage-like setup using Werewolves Masks with friends with endless possibilities and lies! Will the Werewolves or the villagers come out unscathed? 
National Day Beachside BBQ (Week 3): In collaboration with CSSA and Tanon, we bring forth the biggest outdoor culinary event yet! Assemble together at West Sands for unlimited grilled meat, authentic Thai cuisine and bonfire marshmallows! Celebrate the Golden Week with friends and peers around a bonfire for a night to remember!

Afternoon Tea Talk (Week 4): Our alumnus will share their internship experiences for Chinese students interested in summer/winter jobs. There will be a talk and a Q&A session in a relaxing afternoon tea environment to provide you potential opportunities for future development!
New Year Gala (Start of Semester 2): Celebrate Chinese New Year by enjoying the Hongpao x CSSA collaboration show! We will put on multiple dances, singing and music performances with a comedy sketch at the beginning of February. Sign up for our rehearsal announcement in November if you’ve got what it takes to perform! 


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