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Book Club

Book club is a welcoming and diverse society for anyone with an interest in reading.

The society was founded to further our intellectual curiosity and passion for reading by exploring different corners of the literary world. We hold regular meetings to discuss books and create a welcoming society. We meet twice a month once for a discussion of our book of the month, and once for a social meeting. Our discussions are casual and open to all of our members, even those who did not get the chance to read the book. Our socials often consist of board games or  pub quizzes! We choose our monthly books based on suggestions from our members. We create a poll on our facebook page with five options each month, and we read whichever book gets the most votes! We are very flexible and don't expect our members to read every book or show up to every meeting. Our goal is only to encourage more people to read casually and apart from their studies.



Memberships for 2024-25 will be available in September.

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