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Dedicated to promoting and celebrating Russian and Post-Soviet language, culture, history, music, and cuisine in Fife.

Welcome to the Russian Society! The aim of our society is to bring together people who are interested in Russian culture, language, history, and cuisine, to facilitate communication between them, and to organise events that people with such interests will find both educational and fun. 

Members of our Society include:

  • Students for whom Russia is their home country – we aim to make them feel at home even in far-away Scotland by celebrating Russian holidays and making traditional Russian dishes.
  • Students learning Russian either at the Russian Language Department, evening courses or privately – we enable them to practice their language skills by holding Language Cafes, and organising other events together with the Russian Department to maximise their exposure to native speakers.
  • Students with a general interest in Russian culture – we try to meet their demands with various educational events (like our Poetry Nights) and by sharing interesting news on our Facebook page.

As you can see, our membership is quite diverse and our Society and our events are always open to everyone. We also love to hear back from our members on the kinds of events they would like us to hold. So, if you're interested in becoming part of The Russian Society, feel free to contact us either by email or on Facebook, or find us at Freshers' Fayre. We look forward to meeting you!


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