Accessibility Pledge

Sign your society up to the pledge via this form.

A guide to running accessible events is available here.

The Disabled Students’ Network operates an Accessibility Pledge for societies, subcommittees, and unaffiliated student groups to sign up for, committing to running accessible events.

  1. We will include Access Statements for all of our events, everywhere it is advertised, with a dedicated point of contact for people who have further questions about accessibility
  2. We commit to dealing with access requests confidentially and respectfully.
  3. We will commit to making our social media accessible, with the use of image descriptions, capitalising each word in hashtags, and ensuring all videos are captioned.
  4. Where we provide documents, we will commit to making those documents accessible and providing them in other formats or online editable formats.
  5. Where we provide food, we will meet people’s dietary requirements where requested.
  6. As far as possible, we commit to hosting our events in accessible venues and we will actively seek out accessible venues for all of our events.
  7. We commit to considering accessibility throughout our event planning, for example, by considering the use of quiet rooms, access breaks, and accessible sound and lighting where necessary.
  8. We commit to hosting a variety of events aiming to commit to a variety of different access needs.

Societies and student groups can sign up to the Accessibility Pledge by filling out this form.

Why sign up?

Groups that sign up to the Accessibility Pledge will be:

  • Listed on a page on the Union website
  • Occasionally featured in emails by the Societies Committee and Disabled Students' Network
  • Given an Accessibility Pledge badge to use on their social media

Most importantly, signing up to the Accessibility Pledge will show to disabled students that you support their inclusion and accessibility at their events, potentially making them more likely to join your society.

How do I find out more information about running accessible events?

The Disabled Students’ Network has written a guide for societies and student groups to running accessible events. It covers information on making your social media more accessible, access statements, dealing with access requests, venues, sound, lighting, food, and online events. You can view a copy of the guide here.

If you have questions about improving the accessibility of your society or student group, then feel free to contact the Disabled Students’ Network over email on DisabledStuNet@ or to attend the DSN’s Office Hours.

Reporting an inaccessible society

If you have concerns that affiliated societies signed up to the pledge may not be abiding by it, then you can report this to the SRC Disability Officer and the SSC Societies Officer by emailing socs@, or by filling out this form.

Pledged student groups

(last updated 06/03/2021)