Dance Club

We are one of the largest and most diverse clubs in St Andrews; there is something for everyone!



Founded: 1968

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Dance Club offers 21 weekly classes in a wide range of styles and levels. These range from more traditional genres like Ballet and Tap to more specialised styles such as Kpop and Heels, alongside many others. All classes are taught by teachers who are experienced in their respective styles and are also students at the university. Every teacher provides detailed instruction for class members in which they go over various combination, stretching and strengthening exercises and choreography. This culminates in classes performing a piece at our Winter Showcase and then at our large End of Year Show which is held over two days at the Byre Theatre. Our classes take place in several locations which currently include the Athletic Union Studio, the Town Hall, the Boys Brigade Hall and Victory Memorial Hall. Furthermore, when we are not dancing, we have several socials throughout the year ranging from potlucks to beach bonfires and much more!

We are also home to the Blue Angels, our competitive dance team, and Highland Fusion, our Highland dancing demonstration team.

The Blue Angels compete in ballet, contemporary & jazz at both intermediate and advanced levels. Each year the team travels to multiple competitions across the UK, as well as hosting their own St Andrews Dance Competition, held for the first time in 2019. In addition to competing, the team produces annual winter and spring showcases to perform competition pieces, and also give members the opportunity to choreograph smaller group pieces, duets and solos. The Blue Angels have performed at a variety of events, including Glitterball, Women in the Arts & DON’T WALK. Auditions for the team take place at the beginning of semester 1 and are split by style. Throughout the year, dancers train weekly as a whole team, in addition to team training for each style and level occurring multiple times a week.

Highland Fusion take traditional highland dancing steps and incorporate them into modern choreography; which is performed at numerous events throughout the year, including the St Andrews Day celebration, in addition to the team’s annual showcase, A Touch of Tartan.


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