Art History School President

Hi! I'm Hannah Koegler, your Art History School President for 2020/21.



Hannah for Art History

About me

I am in third year, studying dual-honours Art History and Philosophy. In Art History, I am interested in early 20th century European movements, and art movements with strong philosophical ties.

As your Art History President, it is my job to represent you and your interests to the school. I desire to diversify our curriculum, improve our sense of community, and turn St Andrews into an arts hub. Going into our 2020 fall semester, it is clear that things will be very different, but I will work hard to adapt and accommodate to ensure students still have the best experience possible.

I am always available to be contacted at ArtHistoryPresident@ for any questions or concerns.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Haomin Li


2020/21 Hannah Koegler



2019/20 Angela Crenshaw

2018/19 Meredith Loper

2017/18 Lily Ratcliff

2016/17 Vienna Kim

2015/16 Lily Barnes

2014/15 Hannah Chinn

2013/14 Thomas Zier