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Connecting as many students as possible, from all backgrounds, with the oceans that surround us.



We aim to hold inclusive events, support marine conservation focused charities and get students involved in citizen science projects like The Big Seaweed Search, marine wildlife monitoring (like dolphins!) and the Great British Beach Clean. Through events like these, our members will be able to actively participate in making a positive difference to our oceans, and so our planet, and we might even give you a hot cuppa afterwards!

We will also get members involved in fun marine quizzes, film screenings, and talks from lecturers and conservationists.

You don't need to have any science background to get involved with us, just an interest in the marine world.

We also want to know what events you want to see us hold. As a member, this will be your society, and we are always looking for great event ideas.

£3 well spent for a year of cute otter pics and rockpooling!

For any questions and to join our mailing list: [email protected].


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