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Conservative and Unionist Association

St Andrews University Conservative Association (STAUCA) is the social and political home of conservatism in St Andrews.

We promote conservatism at the University, both as a social hub and by giving a political outlet to conservative views. We have a large and regular membership coming from all aspects of the political spectrum. We meet every Thursday; members and non-members alike are welcome to come and be merry in a casual setting where politics is only barely on the agenda.

Every third week we have a “Port and Policy” event where we drink port and debate on relevant political topics. These are very popular and are a great chance to voice opinions on a wide range of topics. As well as engaging in internal debates we are also keen to have inter-party debates and discussions.

Each semester we usually have a formal dinner to open and end the term, these are always a highlight and start the semester off with aplomb. As well as these social events we engage in more political activities. Last year we hosted Sir Desmond Swayne MP via video conference. Our speaker events are great to meet people who actually influence politics. When national political events, such as the election, swing around we also campaign for Conservative votes before retiring to a well-earnt refreshment.


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