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MAZE Magazine - The Official Psychology and Neuroscience Magazine of the University of St Andrews

Who are we?

MAZE is an entirely student-run publication that aims to make psychology and neuroscience accessible to the wider public. Starting in 2013, the magazine has allowed students to explore and engage with their interests outside of an academic context.

Our Aims:

  • MAZE aims to make psychology and neuroscience more accessible to the public. Our main goal is creating articles and content for anyone has an interest in psychology and neuroscience.
  • MAZE encourages students to submit articles of any interest within the subject of psychology or neuroscience. Creativity and freedom of writing is emphasized, as we don’t want to dictate a writer’s voice.
  • MAZE puts inclusivity over everything else. We accept everyone and every idea that comes along with them. We are always looking to improve ourselves and welcome everyone who shares our passion for psychology and neuroscience.
  • MAZE aims to create a platform for students to express their academic passions in a creative way.

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