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Enactus is an international entrepreneurial club in which teams design and implement social enterprises to help specified beneficiaries. The St. Andrews branch currently operates 4 social enterprises.

Enactus St. Andrews operates under Enactus UK, a global organisation that brings together students and business leaders to create and implement sustainable social enterprises. We currently run 4 social enterprises (and are always open to ideas for additional projects): 

  1. VeGo: VeGo is a plant-based meal kit delivery service that aims to tackle food insecurity in Fife. By serving ingredients in exact proportions, we minimize food waste and extend our promise to the environment. 
  2. Green Start: The Green Start project is a local glass recycling service. Our purpose is to improve the local attitude towards recycling in our community and be an inclusive employer as well as a practical service provider. We employ vulnerable members of our community to help us recycle and upcycle glass waste.
  3. St. Andrews Wise Community: St. Andrews Wise Community is a social enterprise in its early development stages. We have identified loneliness as a severe social problem in St. Andrews and focus on helping the elderly population via social entrepreneurship. We plan to interview, video, and share elderly people’s skills online permeating multiple benefits for individuals and the community at large.
  4. TETRIS: TETRIS (Transitionary Education and Training for Refugees and Immigrants in Scotland) helps refugees and immigrants in Scotland get the skills, confidence and expertise they need to integrate into the UK job market. We offer informal training courses that cover MS Office Basics, Financial Literacy and Business and Conversational English which would enable a smooth transition into the new environment.


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