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Students for Independence

We promote debate on campus about Scotland's constitutional future and support Scotland becoming an independent country in the European Union

STAUSFI (St Andrews University Students for Independence) is a political society with a strong membership base.  We discuss controversial issues  and explore Scotland's role in the world. We also endeavour to learn more about other nations seeking recognition of their right to self-determination. Social justice and democracy are the heart of everything we do and form the central tenets of our political philosophy. 

We host a wide range of activities, including:

  • Speeches and Q&A sessions with senior parliamentarians  and government ministers
  • Campaigning with experienced activists in elections 
  • Participation in public debates and pro-independence meetings with St Andrews townspeople 
  • Trips to the Scottish Parliament, policy conferences, and rallies 
  • Contributing to local and national media 
  • Pub quizzes, bonfires, and bake sales 

Although many members support the parties forming the Scottish Government—the Scottish National Party (SNP)  and the  Scottish Green Party—we are open to students  of all parties and none. We welcome those not yet persuaded by the cause for independence and international students looking to increase  their awareness of domestic policy issues and  their understanding of the Scottish political system. 

We collaborate with other political and non-political societies to publicise and address the challenges that students face in St Andrews. Whether it is the cost-of-living, Brexit, or local sustainability, STAUSFI actively contributes innovative solutions to the issues of the day.

STAUSFI looks to be the change it wants to see in the world. We  want you to join us on our  exciting journey at the frontline of Scottish politics. We look forward to welcoming you  and helping you play your part in building a stronger Scotland and a fairer world. 


  • Students for Independence - Standard Membership£3.00

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