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At DICE we do everything tabletop - roleplaying games, card games, board games and wargames. We provide a safe and welcoming space to play as well as having a large collection of games to try out!

We are a society dedicated to providing a space for tabletop gaming here in St Andrews. This includes everything from roleplaying games and boardgames to wargames and card games. We provide a space for people to set up games and meet fellow tabletop gamers in a safe environment. Alongside this, the society is also a game collector itself, holding a large inventory of boardgames, cards, models, and roleplaying books for anyone attending our events to use for free. In this way, we hope to attract newcomers and offer our regular members a chance to try something new.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or join our Discord server (linked as external website)

I'm not getting emails even though I've got membership and/or have signed up to the mailing list. What can I do?

Get in touch with us at [email protected] Members aren't automatically added to the list, so you'll have to opt into both if you haven't already.

What does membership get me?

This year, we'll be hosting plenty of ticketed events. Membership, while not essential to come to our regular events, will get you discounts on these events. We're also going to the Student Nationals this year (April 2023), where all tabletop societies from across the UK come together to have a weekend of tabletop gaming, and it's hosted this year in Dundee, the closest it could ever be. If this sounds like your kind of thing, membership is mandatory for attendance. Any and all memberships also go towards supporting the society and expanding our board game collection!

What kinds of events do you run?

This year, we'll be running an event for every week of teaching, 6-10pm in the Large Rehearsal Room of the Union. Each week might have a different theme, but we'll usually have our board game collection for free, so come along and try a new game! There's no obligation to come along to every event - come to one, come to all, whether you're a casual player or someone looking to play something new every week, we can provide for it. You can join our Discord to hear announcements every week!

Do you play D&D?

We don't tend to play too much D&D directly at events, though we do host occasional oneshot nights throughout the year. However, we offer plenty of support for new DMs to run games and for new players to find games through our group finding events. Our Discord often has DMs offer games up, so it's the best place to find someone offering you the chance to dive into a world of fantasy! We also have several members who have extensive knowledge of other systems.

Do you do collaborations with other societies?

We co-host plenty of collaborations, from CompSci board games to events at halls. If you're someone able to offer a collaboration, please get in touch! We'd love to hear from you ^-^


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