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Connecting students from the North of England and promoting the region's culture.


Ey up!

We’re a small, friendly society bringing a piece of the North to St Andrews. We care about bringing people together and just having a good time, where a thick accent isn’t something to hide! Whether you’re Northern (wherever you draw the line) or just up for a bit of banter, come along for a proper good night to remember.

We’ll be doing movie nights, potlucks and Brew 'N' Banter evenings, so there’s a bit of something for everyone. If seeing double is what you're after though, you won't be going t' pub with the wrong crowd.

Here's what we've got up to in the past...


Brew & Banter
Club Night
Food Fayre
Football Viewings
Movie Night
Pints & Patter
Pub Quiz



Memberships for 2024-25 will be available in September.

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Pub Quiz Answers

Want to know if you’re right? Here are the answers…

Whiteboard titled "St Andrews Northern Society - what do you call it?" with a tally of different nam

What do you call this foodstuff?

Our fierce debate rocked Refreshers Fayre - but the results are in.