Societies Committee

We support the many and diverse societies of the Students' Association. The committee consists of 15 members who work to manage the administration for 150+ societies. throughout the year.

The Societies Committee supports the many and diverse affiliated societies. The Committee consists of 9 members who manage administration for all 150+ societies. This includes:

  • Managing affiliation and reaffiliation
  • Organising society training
  • Providing financial assistance through grants and loans
  • Supporting elections at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)
  • Promoting society events and activities
  • Holding society office hours
  • Providing advice and support

Committee 2022-23

Position Name Email
SRC Societies Officer Laura Connies-Laing [email protected]
DoSDA Sam Gorman [email protected]

Grants Officer

Alasdair Richmond

[email protected]

Elections Officer


Molly-Paule Wilson


[email protected]

Affiliations Officer


Georgie Ward

[email protected]


Project Officer

General Members


Capri Mancini

Nina Englebrecht

Rudra Sen, Mariana Razina




[email protected]


Office hours are by appointment.  If you would like to attend at office hour, please email [email protected]  



This group is a Union subcommittee, not a society, so everyone's automatically a member!

Subcommittees are large groups funded directly by the Union.

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