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Ballroom and Latin American Dancing

Competitive and Social Ballroom and Latin Dance

Welcome to BALLADS St Andrews where we run Ballroom and Latin dance classes at beginner, novice, and intermediate level for both students and non-students alike, no partner or experience required!

What we offer:

Novice and Intermediate Dance - We offer classes for dancers with more experience in both Ballroom and Latin. These popular classes are for Novice and Intermediate dancers, and are generally focused on training dancers for Inter-Varsity (IVDA) dance competitions across the UK.

Beginner Dance - BALLADS has a fantastic network of beginner dancers and aims to cater for both social and competitive beginners. We offer relaxed, fun and interactive classes led by top-quality teachers for an enjoyable yet productive atmosphere.

Practice Space - At BALLADS we understand the importance of practising with your partner outside of usual class times. We offer regular practice spaces to cater for our growing competition team and those wanting some extra time to dance.

Workshops - BALLADS is proud to offer workshops with top professionals in both Ballroom and Latin. Our workshops are held throughout the year, with a focus on pre-competition training. These are typically 3-4 hour sessions with the opportunity for additional private lessons as well.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any more questions!



Memberships for 2024-25 will be available in September.

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