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Our aim is to promote and share with you the language, arts, literature, theatre, cuisine, and culture of France with regular events throughout the year.

Our goals: 

  • Create a community for St Andrews students reading French, that doubles as a place for French expats in order for both groups to meet and exchange. 
  • Provide a space for diverse individuals through alternative and creative regular social events, to encourage exchange and networking in French or in English, drawing from the rich history and diversity of French culture to provide an exciting backdrop for both members and non-members.
  • Propagate French culture, current news, and language through our social media and events.
  • Set up larger events, from our annual play to evening parties, with fresh ideas flown in straight from France to entertain.

Our events:

  • Bavardage:  our regular event for French conversation! All levels and years are welcome. Bavardage is a casual setting for you to chat and get to use the language outside of the classroom. No need for vocabulary perfection- we will all be making little mistakes!  Come join us for a friendly discussion of your favourite French word, the last time you spoke French, or anything else you'd like to discuss around a cup of coffee (or un verre de vin!). 
  • Cinéclub: our monthly movie night event! Every month we will be showing a French movie in the original language (and with English subtitles!) to promote French culture through the diversity of its cinema.
  • The French play: the society usually puts on a play in French every spring. People who wish to audition must speak French, however there is no need to be native or fluent, so whatever your level is do keep an eye out for our next play!
  • Et bien plus!: in the past, we've had French desserts cooking classes, poetry nights, wine and cheese evenings...

Our membership is only for the entire year, which gives you free entrance or discounted price to our events. 



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