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Community yoga program for St Andrews students, running weekly yoga and meditation classes, plus workshops and events.

We are about all things wellness and yoga. We run a variety of yoga classes for students throughout term time, including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Power, and a Beginners' Class. We also run workshops and social events. Whether you’re a complete beginner or yoga enthusiast, YogiSoc has the perfect class for you.

Our class schedule includes one or two classes most days (roughly 9 a week), and is posted on our Facebook and Instagram every Friday. We also send out a weekly email newsletter every Friday with our schedule and events; sign up to our mailing list at the top of this page! 

Membership prices

All classes during freshers week and week 1 are free to attend. The first paying class will be the 16/09/2022 and a membership must have been bought by 15/09/2022 by 5pm to attend. 

  • Pay as you go £4: must be bought by 5pm the evening before the class
  • 5 class pack £15: access to 5 classes, must be bought by 5pm the evening before the first class you want to attend
  • 10 class pack £28: access to 10 classes, must be bought by 5pm the evening before the first class you want to attend
  • Semester Unlimited £45: access to all yoga class throughout one semester, including special classes unless specified
  • Year Unlimited £75: access to all yoga classes throughout the academic year (September-May), including special classes unless specified 

Memberships can be purchased at any time at the bottom of this page, but must be purchased before 5pm Sunday to apply for the following week (year, semester memberships). Pay as you go memberships and class packs must be purchased by 5pm the day prior to the class.


We aim to make YogiSoc welcoming for all and as such have signed the accessibility pledge. This means that we will be running monthly disability classes, all events will be designed with disabilities in mind, and we shall ensure our social media is accessible. All events and classes will be accompanied with accessibility statements, and we will be transparent if a specific accommodation cannot be made. 

Any concerns about the accessibility of YogiSoc can be reported to us via email (yogisoc@) or our confidential feedback form found here and at the end of our emails.

Conduct Policy

  • People of all genders, sexual orientation, age and background (to name a few) are welcome in YogiSoc.

  • Any discrimination will not be tolerated. Attendees harassing or intimidating other attendees or committee members/staff at events will be asked to leave if they do not stop the behaviour

  • We maintain the right to report persons to the student union if their behaviour is consistently against our values as a welcoming society

  • We, as a committee, promise to uphold these values at all meetings and events. In any alcohol related events, we will not force anyone into drinking and will intervene where necessary if pressure is obvious

  • In line with the Universities Sexual Misconduct Policy, the committee has been trained to recognise when intervention is needed in scenarios at our events/meetings and we will take actions where necessary to protect our attendees and committee from harm.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch via email, instagram, facebook or our confidentail feedback form!


Memberships for 2024-25 will be available in September.

Interest list

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