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Categories and criteria
Category Prize (1st/2nd) Criteria
The Markus Lee Society of the Year Award £1,000/£400
  • Provides substantial benefits to members and the University community as a whole
  • Contributes to student engagement in worthwhile endeavours
  • Substantially enhances student experience
  • Excellence in event management
  • Excellence in society administration and financial practices
Best Event (must be risk assessed) £600/£300
  • Demonstrates substantial ambition in scale or scope of undertaking
  • Was significantly well attended
  • Substantially enhanced student experience
  • Demonstrates excellence in event management and financial practices
Best Online Presence (joint society events do not count towards application limit) £300/£150
  • Demonstrates strong social media usage and output
  • Graphics and content shows immense dedication
  • Posts are well engaged with
Most Collaborative Society £300/£150
  • Has collaborated with multiple societies through one event, one society through multiple events, or both
  • Has made significant efforts in promoting collaboration between societies
  • Has held innovative events between societies of different categories
Community Engagement Award £300/£150
  • Provides substantial benefit to the town
  • Encourages positive relationships between students and residents of the town
  • Benefits the University’s reputation within the town
The Sam Gorman Most Innovative Society Award £300/£150
  • Has undertaken creative new practices that have not been attempted in previous years by the society
  • Has held events not attempted by other societies
  • Substantially enhance student experience through unique events
Best Charitable and Volunteering Society £300/£150
  • Demonstrate excellence in fundraising, volunteering, or raising awareness
  • Engage members in charitable fundraising and advocacy
  • Engage the wider student body in advocacy endeavours

The Avery Kitchens Best New Society Award

(Affiliated for the first time after March 2023)

  • Provide substantial benefits to members and the University community as a whole
  • Contribute to student engagement in worthwhile endeavours
  • Substantially enhance student experience
  • Demonstrate excellence in event management
Graduate Attributes Award £200/£100
  • Each committee member must have completed at least one PSC workshop in the 2020/21 academic year (verified through gaining a PSC stamp)
  • A moderate amount of engagement (PSC stamps) shown by the committee
  • Evidence of the impact of the engagement on the society. For example:
    • Have new behaviours or processes been implemented?
    • Has there been an impact on the way the committee operates?
    • Has there been a wider impact on the members of the society?
  • How has the committee encouraged members to develop their own professional skills?
  • Does the committee make linkages between society activities and the University’s Graduate Attributes?
Nomination criteria

The nominee must:

  • Be a matriculated student at the University of St Andrews
  • Be in good standing with the Students' Association, i.e. they are not currently banned or facing disciplinary action by the Association
  • Have contributed significantly to an affiliated society in the current academic year, in at least one of the following ways:
    • Created a new society
    • Brought an event to new heights
    • Improved student experience within the society
    • Dedicated a significant amount of time to running the society
    • Facilitated collaboration between societies
    • Improved town and gown relations through the society


2020 society winners

Watch the full 2020 awards ceremony.

Category Winner
Best Society

1st: Folk and Traditional Music

2nd: Art

=3rd: Astro, Dance

Best Event

1st: Gilbert and Sullivan (Pirates of Penzance)

2nd: Rock and Metal (Neshiima with Snash and Messed Up Youth)

=3rd: Foreign Affairs (Ambassador's Ball 2020), Opera (Orphée and Eurydice)

Best Contribution to Student Life

1st: Democrats Overseas

2nd: Philosophy

3rd: Breakaway (Hillwalking)

Best Town and Gown Society

1st: Sexpression

2nd: Music

3rd: Fine Food and Dining

Best Charitable and Volunteering Society

1st: CoppaFeel

2nd: RASA (Refugee Action)

=3rd: STASMA (Muslim), United Nations

Best New Society

1st: Dog Walking

2nd: Wilderness Medicine

3rd: Nutritank

Most Innovative Society

1st: Pool and Cue Sports

2nd: SUMS (Maths)

=3rd: Surgical, Enactus

Most Collaborative Society

1st: Craft

2nd: Amnesty

3rd: Pokemon

Anna Kennedy O'Brien Award for Consistent Excellence

1st: Dr Who

=2nd: Bute Medical, Celtic and Ceilidh, Students for Global Health

3rd: N/A

CEED Professional Skills Award

1st: Enactus

2nd: N/A

3rd: N/A

2020 individual winners
  • Caitlin Kilpatrick (CoppaFeel)
  • Gwendoline Choi (Dance Club)
  • Stuart Wright (Dance Club)
  • Isabelle Schlegel (Bute Medical)
  • Wen Hao Chen (Singapore, Taste of Asia)
  • Alyn McKenzie (Shire of Caer Caledon)
  • Glen Hunter (Astro)
  • Sarah Johnston (Just So)
  • Gabriel Cox (Shire of Caer Caledon)
  • Lucy Allatt (Music)
  • Grace Que (Women in Computer Science)
  • Rory Megginson (Celtic and Ceilidh)
  • Chau Yuet Ying (HKPASS)
  • Hana Shono (United Nations)