In April 2020 we hosted the 10th annual Society Awards, with over £5,000 in prize money.

There are 10 award categories, all going to affiliated societies that have demonstrated excellence over the past year.

Awards are self-nominated, with one winner and one runner-up for each category. Three societies are nominated for each category, and are invited to the awards ceremony.

All societies are encouraged to enter, using the application form before 3rd April. Applying takes five minutes, and could earn your society up to £1,000.

Note that subcommittees are not eligible for the award.

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Category Prize (1st/2nd) Criteria
Best Society £1,000/£500
  • Provides substantial benefits to members and the University community as a whole
  • Contributes to student engagement in worthwhile endeavours
  • Substantially enhances student experience
  • Excellence in event management
  • Excellence in society administration and financial practices
Best Event (must be risk assessed; joint society events do not count towards application limit)) £600/£300
  • Demonstrates substantial ambition in scale or scope of undertaking
  • Was significantly well attended
  • Substantially enhanced student experience
  • Demonstrates excellence in event management and financial practices
Best Contribution to Student Life £300/£150
  • Provides substantial benefits to the Student Experience
  • Engages members of the student body from a diverse range of backgrounds
Best Town and Gown Society £300/£150
  • Provides substantial benefit to the town
  • Encourages positive relationships between students and residents of the town
  • Benefits to the University’s reputation within the town
Best Charitable and Volunteering Society £300/£150
  • Demonstrate excellence in fundraising, volunteering or raising awareness
  • Engage members in charitable fundraising and advocacy
  • Engage the wider student body in advocacy endeavours

Best New Society

(Affiliated for the first time after 1st January 2019)

  • Provide substantial benefits to members and the University community as a whole
  • Contribute to student engagement in worthwhile endeavours
  • Substantially enhance student experience
  • Demonstrate excellence in event management
Most Innovative Society £300/£150
  • Has undertaken creative new practices that have not been attempted in previous years by the society
  • Has held events not attempted by other societies
  • Substantially enhance student experience through unique events
Most Collaborative Society £300/£150
  • Has collaborated with multiple societies through one event, one society through multiple events, or both
  • Has made significant efforts in promoting collaboration between societies
  • Has held innovative events between societies of different categories
Anna Kennedy O'Brien Award for Consistent Excellence £300/£150
  • Excellence in event management
  • Notable frequency in its regular events.
  • Consistent high quality in its regular events

CEED Professional Skills Award

(Does not count towards application limit)

  • Each committee member must have completed at least one PSC workshop in the 2019/20 academic year (verified through gaining a PSC stamp)
  • A moderate amount of engagement (PSC stamps) shown by the committee
  • Evidence of the impact of the engagement on the society. For example:
    • Have new behaviours or processes been implemented?
    • Has there been an impact on the way the committee operates?
    • Has there been a wider impact on the members of the society?
    • How has the committee encouraged members to develop their own professional skills?
Category Winner
Best Society

1st: Folk and Traditional Music

2nd: Art

=3rd: Astro, Dance

Best Event

1st: Gilbert and Sullivan (Pirates of Penzance)

2nd: Rock and Metal (Neshiima with Snash and Messed Up Youth)

=3rd: Foreign Affairs (Ambassador's Ball 2020), Opera (Orphée and Eurydice)

Best Contribution to Student Life

1st: Democrats Overseas

2nd: Philosophy

3rd: Breakaway (Hillwalking)

Best Town and Gown Society

1st: Sexpression

2nd: Music

3rd: Fine Food and Dining

Best Charitable and Volunteering Society

1st: CoppaFeel

2nd: RASA (Refugee Action)

=3rd: STASMA (Muslim), United Nations

Best New Society

1st: Dog Walking

2nd: Wilderness Medicine

3rd: Nutritank

Most Innovative Society

1st: Pool and Cue Sports

2nd: SUMS (Maths)

=3rd: Surgical, Enactus

Most Collaborative Society

1st: Craft

2nd: Amnesty

3rd: Pokemon

Anna Kennedy O'Brien Award for Consistent Excellence

1st: Dr Who

=2nd: Bute Medical, Celtic and Ceilidh, Students for Global Health

3rd: N/A

CEED Professional Skills Award

1st: Enactus

2nd: N/A

3rd: N/A

Watch the full 2020 awards ceremony here.

Award for Exceptional Individual Contribution

This award is given to approximately 10 students each year, highlighting their exceptional contributions to one or multiple societies.

Entrants must be nominated by another member of their society. Note that contributions to subcommittees are not eligible for this award.

Nominate someone for the award via the nomination form before 3rd April.

The nominee must:

  • Be a matriculated student at the University of St Andrews
  • Be in good standing with the Students' Association, i.e. they are not currently banned or facing disciplinary action by the Association
  • Have contributed significantly to an affiliated society in the current academic year, in at least one of the following ways:
    • Created a new society
    • Brought an event to new heights
    • Improved student experience within the society
    • Dedicated a significant amount of time to running the society
    • Facilitated collaboration between societies
    • Improved town and gown relations through the society
  • Caitlin Kilpatrick (CoppaFeel)
  • Gwendoline Choi (Dance Club)
  • Stuart Wright (Dance Club)
  • Isabelle Schlegel (Bute Medical)
  • Wen Hao Chen (Singapore, Taste of Asia)
  • Alyn McKenzie (Shire of Caer Caledon)
  • Glen Hunter (Astro)
  • Sarah Johnston (Just So)
  • Gabriel Cox (Shire of Caer Caledon)
  • Lucy Allatt (Music)
  • Grace Que (Women in Computer Science)
  • Rory Megginson (Celtic and Ceilidh)
  • Chau Yuet Ying (HKPASS)
  • Hana Shono (United Nations)