your officers

You can read final reports from 2016/2017 members of
the SRC and SSC here.

Students' Representative Council (SRC) 2017 - 18

 Association President Lewis Wood
 Athletic Union President Tom Abbott
 Director of Events and Services Hannah Jacobs
 Director of Education Zachary Davis
 Director of Wellbeing Claire Shirey
 Director of Student Development and Charlotte Flatley
 Association Chair Ru Maciver sachair 
 Association Alumni Officer Sam Ross saalumni
 Association Environment Officer Clare Grist eande
 Association LGBT Officer Ryan Hay saintslgbt
 Accommodation Officer Jonathan Davis srcaccommodation
 Association Community Relations Officer  Hannah Raleigh comrels
 Arts & Divinity Faculty President Nicola Simonetti artdivfp
 Science & Medicine Faculty President John Weaver scimedfp
 Postgraduate Academic Convenor Fanny Empacher pgconvenor
 Postgraduate Development Officer Mizuki Morisaki pgdevo
 Member for First Years Hyewon Han hh55
 Member for Gender Equality Brianna Chu bhhc
 Member for Age Equality Lorraine Callaghan      lrc4
 Member for Racial Equality Tomisin Animashaun da59
 Member for Students with Disabilities Anna Lloyd al235
 Principal Ambassador Charlie Maguire princamb
 Member without Portfolio Olivia Budde oceb
 Rector's Assessor Camilla Duke ctd3
 Member for Widening Access  Ciara cm342
 & Participation McCumiskey