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Students' Representative Council (SRC) 2019 - 20

 Association President Jamie Rodney
 Athletic Union President Leah Allcock
 Director of Events and Services Mika Schmeling
 Director of Education Amy Bretherton
 Director of Wellbeing Flora Smith
 Director of Student Development and Shaina Sullivan
 Association Chair   sachair@
 Association Alumni Officer Olivia Wiggins saalumni@
 Association Environment Officer Lauren Davis eande@
 Association LGBT Officer Parker Hansen saintslgbt@
 Association Lifelong & Flexible Learners Officer Sandra Mitchell lifers@
 Association Community Relations Officer  Morgan Morris comrels@
 Arts & Divinity Faculty President Sophia Rommel artdivfp@
 Science & Medicine Faculty President Dennis Goodtzov scimedfp@
 Postgraduate Academic Convener Abd Alsattar Ardati pgconvenor@
 Postgraduate Development Officer Ana Neferu  pgdevo@


 Member for First Years Polina Sevastyanova ps224@
 Member for Gender Equality Leonor Capelier ljlc1@
 Member for Racial Equality Zoe Nengite zn5@
 Member for Students with Disabilities Emily Muller egm21@
 Member for Student Health Emma Walsh erw3@
 Principal Ambassador Ben McAuley princamb@
 Member without Portfolio Rowan Wishart rw95@
 Rector's Assessor Camilla Duke ctd3@

 Member for Widening Access & Participation

Britt Mcardle bs200@

Accommodation Officer


Lucy Allat (acting)


srcaccommodation @