Students' Representative Council (SRC) 2020-21

 Association President Dan Marshall
 Athletic Union President Sophie Tyler
 Director of Events and Services Tom Groves
 Director of Education Amy Gallacher
 Director of Wellbeing Emma Walsh
 Director of Student Development and Gavin Sandford
 Association Chair Morgan Morris sachair@
 Association Alumni Officer Luke Simboli saalumni@
 Association Environment Officer Lea Weimann eande@
 Association LGBT Officer Georgina Beeby saintslgbt@
 Association Lifelong & Flexible Learners Officer Jenny Menday lifers@
 Association Community Relations Officer  Anna Young comrels@
Association BAME Officer  Ananya Jain aj201@
 Arts & Divinity Faculty President Joe Horsnell  artdivfp@
 Science & Medicine Faculty President Chloe Fielding scimedfp@
 Postgraduate Academic Convener Abi Whitefield  pgconvenor@
 Postgraduate Development Officer Ana Neferu  pgdevo@


 Member for First Years Maitreyi Tusharika mt210@
 Member for Gender Equality Elise Lenzi el70@
 Member for Students with Disabilities Anna-Ruth Cockerham arc23@
 Member for Student Health Gabrielle Kyriakou gk38@
 Principal Ambassador Kate MacLachlan princamb@
 Member without Portfolio Annie Smith ajs44@
 Rector's Assessor Papa Obeng pkos@

 Member for Widening Access & Participation

Tooba Shah sts4@

Accommodation Officer

Sophie Bickerton

srcaccommodation @