your officers

You can read final reports from 2016/2017 members of
the SRC and SSC here.

Students' Representative Council (SRC) 2018 - 19

 Association President Paloma Paige
 Athletic Union President Fiona Murray
 Director of Events and Services Adam Powrie
 Director of Education Alice Foulis
 Director of Wellbeing Nick Farrer
 Director of Student Development and Jamie Minns
 Association Chair Sneha Nair sachair@
 Association Alumni Officer Olivia Sutton saalumni@
 Association Environment Officer Lauren Davis eande@
 Association LGBT Officer Zelda Kotyk saintslgbt@
 Accommodation Officer Lucy Allat srcaccommodation@
 Association Community Relations Officer  Morgan Morris comrels@
Association Lifelong and Flexible Sarah Ramage lifers@
Learners Officer    
 Arts & Divinity Faculty President Gianluca Giammei artdivfp@
 Science & Medicine Faculty President Alisa Danilenko scimedfp@
 Postgraduate Academic Convenor Ashley Clayton pgconvenor@
 Postgraduate Development Officer Courtney Aitken pgdevo@
 Member for First Years Avery Kitchens hh55@
 Member for Gender Equality Isabella Smith is51@
 Member for Racial Equality Wei Wei Chen wwc@
 Member for Students with Disabilities Emily Muller egm21@
 Principal Ambassador Emma Thompson princamb@
 Member without Portfolio Robyn Wells rw200@
 Rector's Assessor Camilla Duke ctd3@
 Member for Widening Access  Ciara cm342@
 & Participation McCumiskey