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You can read final reports from 2016/2017 members of
the SRC and SSC here.

Students' Representative Council (SRC) 2019 - 20

 Association President Jamie Rodney pres@st-andrews.ac.uk
 Athletic Union President Leah Allcock  president@saints-sport.com
 Director of Events and Services Mika Schmeling does@st-andrews.ac.uk
 Director of Education Amy Bretherton  doed@st-andrews.ac.uk
 Director of Wellbeing Flora Smith dowell@st-andrews.ac.uk
 Director of Student Development and Shaina Sullivan dosda@st-andrews.ac.uk
 Association Chair - sachair@
 Association Alumni Officer Olivia Wiggins saalumni@
 Association Environment Officer Lauren Davis eande@
 Association LGBT Officer Parker Hansen saintslgbt@
Association Lifelong and FlexibleLearners Officer Sandra Mitchell lifers@
 Association Community Relations Officer  Morgan Morris comrels@
 Arts & Divinity Faculty President Sophia Rommel artdivfp@
 Science & Medicine Faculty President Dennis Goodtzov scimedfp@
 Postgraduate Academic Convener Emma Whitefield pgconvenor@
 Postgraduate Development Officer Ana Neferu pgdevo@


 Member for First Years Polina Sevastyanova ps224@
 Member for Gender Equality Leonor Capelier ljlc1@
 Member for Racial Equality Zoe Nengite zn5@
 Member for Students with Disabilities Emily Muller egm21@
Member for Student Health Emma Walsh erw3@
 Principal Ambassador Ben McAuley princamb@
 Member without Portfolio Rowan Wishart rw95@
 Rector's Assessor Camilla Duke ctd3@

 Member for Widening Access & Participation

Britt Mcardle bs200@

Accommodation Officer


Charles Barker


srcaccommodation @