School Presidents

School Presidents make representation on behalf of students within their School. They help to support the Class Reps within their Schools and also chair the relevant Student Staff Consultative Committees.
Launched in 2010, School Presidents have become an institution in delivering feedback to the University and in enhancing the student learning experience. There are 21 School Presidents, covering the wide range of subjects taught at St Andrews. We have also introduced one Convener in Modern Languages for each language in 2015.
The School Presidents meet together with the Faculty Presidents and the Director of Education regularly at Education Committee meetings to address thematic concerns and issues that are identified in multiple subjects across the University. Twice in each semester, the School Presidents also meet with the Proctor, the Deans of Arts & Divinity and Science, and the Rector at the School Presidents' Forum. The two Faculty Presidents also sit on the SRC and the University's Academic Council.

Faculty Presidents 2017/18

Faculty Name Email (
Arts and Divinity Nicola Simonetti artdivfp
Science and Medicine John Weaver scimedfp


Read the Faculty Presidents' joint semester one report!


School Presidents 2017/18

School Presidents are elected every year in March by the students within that subject to represent them for the subsequent academic year.  This year, the School Presidents are:
School Name Email Semester One Report
Art History Lily Ratcliff arthistorypresident PDF
Biology Erin Philips biologypresident PDF
Chemistry Jacob Pepper chemistrypresident No Report Submitted
Classics Julian Frink classicspresident PDF
Computer Science Gergely Flamich compscipresident PDF
Divinity Cameron Smith divinitypresident PDF
Earth & Environmental Sciences Charlotte Gordon earthscipresident PDF
Economics & Finance Alison Quinn economicspresident PDF
English Ellen White englishpresident PDF
Film Studies Gaby Levey filmpresident PDF
Geography & SD Abi Whitefield geosdpresident PDF
History Alice Foulis historypresident PDF
International Relations Sarah Gharib irpresident No Report Submitted
Management Philip Caraci managementpresident PDF
Mathematics & Statistics

Kamilla Rekvenyi

mathspresident PDF
Medicine Carissa Jacobs medicinepresident PDF
Modern Languages Caitlin MacDonald modlangpresident PDF
Philosophy Antonia Zimmermann philosophypresident PDF
Physics & Astronomy Alisa Danilenko physicspresident PDF
Psychology & Neuroscience Gianluca Giammei psychpresident PDF
Social Anthropology Rikke Nedergaard socanthpresident PDF