The most obvious way to get involved is to run for a position on the Students' Representative Council during the March elections. However, this is not the only way to initiate change through the SRC.


Contact Member

The easiest option is to contact an SRC member and discuss your idea with them. You can get in touch with all SRC members by contacting them on email or talking to them in person.


Open Forum

Second option is to attend the Open Forum at the beginning of any SRC meeting in which any student can come and discuss anything that they feel the SRC should be addressing.

The Open Forum is a means by which students can directly contribute to the meetings of the SRC and SSC. Each week before reports are given and motions are debated, the floor is opened to all members of the Association, which includes all matriculated students, who would like to come and speak to the councils about almost anything: issues of concern for them, an issue they feel the councils should be addressing, opinions on motions that have been or are about to be debated, or general comments on how they feel the Councils have been performing.

The Open Forum is a very informal way of allowing students to speak their minds freely, while simultaneously having their thoughts and opinions heard by those who have the ability to create policy. The Open Forum also benefits the members who hold seats on the Councils, as an effective way for them to receive direct requests and feedback from the students.

If you have further questions about the Open Forum, or wish to appear before the Councils please contact the Association Chair (sachair@).     


Student Petition

A third option is bringing a motion to the SRC by a student petition; which is as easy as writing a motion and getting just 25 signatures.

Any student may submit a motion by petition to the SRC or SSC or both simultaneously. The process is simple; the first step is to write a motion, examples of Councils motions can be found both in the minutes and in the list of motions passed by the Councils. The Association Chair can also assist you in crafting your motion.

Motions can be as simple as urging the Councils to do more to support a particular cause or project. Once your motion has been written you then need to get 25 signatures from matriculated members of the student body (verified by matriculation numbers). Once you have 25 signatures all you need to do is send your motion and the list of names and signatures to the Association Chair (sachair@) who will then put your motion as an agenda item for the next meeting of the appropriate Council.

At that meeting you are welcome to present your motion before the Council and participate in the debate about the motion. Other signatories are welcome to sit in on the meeting and watch the debate. Motions by petitions are a great way to get the Councils to take on action that the student body wants to see, and it sends a message that many students are unified in their belief that the action is necessary. If you have further questions about petitions please contact the Association Chair.