Nominations for the 2018 Students' Association are now closed

Voting is now OPEN


Casting A Vote

Casting a vote is simple, on the 8th of March at 00:01 when voting opens, all you have to do is click this link. Then login with your St Andrews username and password. If you have trouble voting please email saelect@st-andrews.ac.uk and they will help you figure out what the issue is. Occasiaonlly there are minor IT issues, but don't worry, we will get them solved so you can have your say!

Before you cast your vote you should familiarize yourself with the positions read a bit about the SRC and SSC as well as the School Presidents. If you are really interested you can read past SRC, SSC, and School President minutes and reports to see what they have done so far this year. We recommend reading the role descriptions as well to fully understand the responsibilities of the roles you are about to elect people to.


Get Involved


The University of St Andrews Students' Association has a strong and vibrant record of student democracy. We are the only UK students' union to have exceeded over 50% turnout in our elections.

All St Andrews students are eligible to stand for election! Are you passionate about representation? Stand for a position on the SRC! Enjoy extracurriculars? Run to join the SSC! Do you love academics? Be a School President!

If you think someone would do a fabulous job, why not tell them? Nudge them to run here!


Watch these videos from the 2016 elections to see what candidates get up to during the campaign week!

Sabbatical Question Time
Sabbatical Debate



Check out the positions avaliable in the 2018 elections, and their role descriptions.


Important Dates

Nominations Open 26th February, 9am  
Nominations Close 2nd March, 5pm  
Sabbatical Candidates' Meeting 2nd March, 5:30pm Sandy's Bar
All Candidates' Meeting 3rd March, 12 noon The StAge
Campaigning Starts 3rd March, 1pm  
SRC & SSC Hustings 4th - 6th March, 12 noon - 10pm Sandy's Bar
Sabbatical Candidates' Question Time 5th March, 8pm The StAge
Athletic Union President Hustings 6th March 5pm The StAge
Sabbatical Candidates' Debate 7th March, 7:30pm The StAge
Polls Open 8th March, 0:01am  
Polls Close 9th March, 6pm  
School President Results 9th March, 8pm The StAge
All Other Results 9th March, 8:30pm The StAge


Contact Details

If you have any questions, you can email the Elections Committee at saelect@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Make sure to follow @saelect on Twitter and like the official Facebook page for up to date information on the elections.