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Useful Contacts:

Room booking question:        sarooms@
Health and safety / risk assessment question:    unionra@
Promotional / website question:      sadesign@
Society resources / funding question:       dosda@
Event question:         does@
Technical / equipment question:       ents@
Catering question:  sacatering@
Bars question:     sabar@


Please note our regular staff office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm 

Our Ents Team are volunteers so will respond as soon as possible


Useful Links:



You can also visit reception which is open term time: 

Monday: 9am – 1am

Tuesday – Friday: 9am – 2am

Saturday: 10am – 2am (subject to staffing)

Sunday: 10am – midnight (subject to staffing)

Please note vacation opening hours may vary.



01334 462700



@yourunionevents or @standrewsunion



If you have feedback about the room booking service please follow this link: