Director of Wellbeing

Hi! I'm Emma Walsh, your Director of Wellbeing (DoWell) for 2020/21. I'm responsible for matters relating to welfare, equal opportunities, Saints LGBT+, elections, and Stand Together



Wellbeing and welfare

Within my role, I work on student wellbeing and welfare, mental, sexual and physical health, security, and personal safety. I chair the Wellbeing Subcommittee, which promotes all areas of student wellbeing through events and themed weeks, as well as running safety campaigns linked to Raisin and May Dip. I also work closely with multiple student groups including StAnd Together, Nightline and Saints LGBT+, and work with Student Services and the University, representing students on issues related to student wellbeing.

Equal opportunities

I line manage a number of SRC councillors, helping them to represent students on equal opportunities issues including racial equality, gender equality, age equality, disabilities, widening access and participation, and LGBT+. As part of this, I chair the Equal Opportunities subcommittee. I also work on interfaith issues, and represent students to the University on equality and diversity issues by sitting on a range of committees and working groups.


As Director of Wellbeing, I organise the yearly Students' Association Elections. Councils is a great way to get involved in the Students' Association and make a difference in the student community. For more information about the student elections and how to run, visit the elections page.

Manifesto pledges

  • Create events with the Careers Centre to help alleviate job anxiety
  • Increase the Union’s environmental action
  • Run more collaborative wellbeing events with an array of societies
  • Create more streamlined process to defer exams if needed
  • Advocate for “Ask for Angela” to be implemented in town bars
  • Continue support and inclusion of mature students among student life
  • Run workshops during Freshers' Week to help international students adjust
  • Make information about Student Services available to those living out of halls
  • Encourage societies to host events in accessible venues
  • Continue to provide elections support prior to the nominations period
  • Enforce an eco-friendlier election season
  • Create wellbeing office hours

Previous holders

Note that the role became a sabbatical position in 2017, when DoRep split into DoWell and DoEd. Past DoReps (Director of Representation) are included here for reference.

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Anna-Ruth Cockerham





2020/21 Emma Walsh



2019/20 Flora Smith

2018/19 Nick Farrer

2017/18 Claire Shirey

2016/17 Jack Carr

2015/16 Joe Tantillo

2014/15 Ondrej Hajda

2013/14 Teddy Woodhouse

2012/13 Amanda Litherland

2011/12 Sam Fowles