Film Studies School President

Hi! I'm Teo Yarkova, your Film Studies School President for 2020/21.


Teo Yarkova

About me

The Film Studies Department always provides its students with a comfortable space to discuss their views and ideas. As the School President, I want to help continue that! Therefore, I plan to organise a wide range of events, from career events to socials.

I personally think that connections are incredibly important when it comes to having the best possible experience of university, therefore I will aim to help students connect with each other as well as make sure I, myself, stay connected with my fellow students. I believe that creating that connection early on will help students feel comfortable reaching out.

The rest of my plans for this year are going to be career oriented. I plan to create connections with alumni from the department who have found work in the industry with the hopes that they would be open to sharing their journeys and advice with current students. In addition, I plan to make further connections with industry professionals from underprivileged groups who will hopefully be open to share their own experiences in an industry which favours privileged groups.

Furthermore, I plan to work closely with the department as well as my fellow school presidents when it comes to diversifying departments and the university as a whole. The current focus on the Black Lives Matter movement should not shift until real and permanent changes are being made and as the Film Studies president for this academic year, I will do whatever is my power to listen to, amplify and support black voices as well as the voices of all underprivileged groups of people within our department and the university as a whole.

I look forward to meeting the new additions to our department as well as create deeper connections with the current students! And so please feel free to contact me either at the or at I am also on Facebook as Teo Yarkova. I’m always happy to meet up for a chat and a coffee!