setting up a society

With over one hundred and forty affiliated societies there is a huge variety of activities that you can get involved in. But maybe the society that you’d really like to join doesn’t already exist!
Well, don’t fear, because you can set up a new society with support from our Societies Committee.

Check out the Why Affiliate? section to get started on the road to setting up a new society. 

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to get in touch with the Societies Officer at, come along to the weekly drop-in Societies Office Hours  (Monday from 4-6pm in the Main Bar) or drop by the DoSDA office on the middle floor of the Union. 

Steps to starting a society:

If you are thinking of starting a society (affiliating), please note the following things:
  1. Make sure you check out the Societies A-Z to confirm that someone hasn't already started up your society. Unfortunately, we cannot affiliate a society which intends to do the same thing as an existing affiliated society because of the Students' Association's status as a registered charity (it isn't allowed under OSCR (charity) law).   
  2. You are going to have to have at least 25 paid members
  3. Ordinary membership of your society will have to be open to all students. 
  4. You are going to have to charge a minimum of £3 as a membership fee.*

If that all sounds good, complete the following steps! 

1. Complete the New Society Request Form 

First, have a look through our list of Societies to make sure that your society will not clash with the aims of any of our existing societies – remember, we cannot affiliate your society if it does! 
Download and complete a copy of the New Society Request Form. Then email the Affiliations Officer at with the form attached.
The Societies Committee will discuss your idea and you will be granted "leave to proceed" if there are no major issues. You should hear back within around a week.

2. Complete the Societies' Affilation Paperwork and Trainings.

If you are granted leave to proceed you will receive the link to complete Societies' Affilation Paperwork Upload it and complete traingings within three weeks of getting leave to proceed. 
We recommend attending training before uploading your paperwork. You can email socs@ or check the YourUnion calendar for the next training dates. 
Trainings are held every two weeks on Wednesdays at 3pm in Main Bar. 

The affilaition paperwork outlines all of the requirements for being an affiliated society. It includes:
- a constitution (you'll receive a model constitution upon getting Leave to Proceed)
- a list of 25 paid members
- a risk assessment
All these forms can be found here.
If you are interested in viewing these forms before beginning the affiliation process, you can email

3. Once you've uploaded the affiliation paperwork and completed trainings, you'll receive an affiliation confirmation. Congrats on your new society!