The Societies Committee supports the many and diverse affiliated societies. The Committee consists of 15 members who manage administration for all 150+ societies. This includes:

  • Managing affiliation and reaffiliation
  • Organising society training
  • Providing financial assistance through grants and loans
  • Supporting elections at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)
  • Promoting society events and activities
  • Holding society office hours
  • Providing advice and support

Committee 2020-21

Position Name Email
SAF Societies Officer Laura Connies-Laing socs@
DoSDA Gavin Sandford DoSDA@

Grants Officer

Grants Adviser

Rhea Soni


Elections Officer

Elections Adviser

Naomi Harilela

Rebekah Cathcart


Affiliations Officer

Affiliations Adviser

Nina Engelbrecht

Publicity Officer Tia Sosrodjojo SocPublicity@
Charitable Societies Liaison Abby Li CharitySocs@
Secretary Capri Mancini
SRC Carve-Up Tooba Shah Member for Widening Access and Participation
SRC Carve-Up Annie Smith Member without Portfolio
SAF Carve-Up Toni Valencia Member without Portfolio
SAF Carve-Up Amy Feakes Charities Officer

The Societies Committee has weekly Office Hours (Mondays 4-6pm in Main Bar) to address society concerns one-to-one. The Societies Officer, Affiliations Officer, and Grants Officer will be present every week to work with your society.

You can find the Societies Committee on Facebook.