societies committee

The Societies Committee supports the many and diverse societies of the University of St Andrews Students' Association. The committee consists of 14 members who work to manage the administration for 150+ societies throughout the academic year. 
The Societies Committee:
  • Manages affiliation and reaffiliation
  • Organises and run societies training
  • Provides financial assistance through grants and loans
  • Coordinates elections for Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)
  • Promotes society events and activities 
  • Runs the Societies Clinic
  • Provides advice and support for all societies

Societies Committee 2018-19

Societies Officer Kevin Phelan
DoSDA Jamie Minns
Grants Officer Ingrid Glastad
Grants Advisor Sanaa Sachdev  
Elections Officer Joe Horsnell
Elections Advisor Sam Maybee  
Elections Advisor Matthew Singer  
Affiliations Officer Markus Lee
Events Officer Amalie Rasmussen
Charitable Societies Officer Harry Parker
Secretary Gemma Kwok  
SRC Carve-Up Isabella Smith Member for Gender Equality
SRC Carve-Up Avery Kitchens Member for First Years
SSC Carve-Up Olivia Sutton Association Alumni Officer
SSC Carve-Up Adam Lord Volunteering Officer (SVS)


The Societies Committee have weekly Office Hours (Mondays 4-6pm in Main Bar) to address society concerns one-on-one. The Societies Officer and Grants Officer will be present every week to work with your society. 

You can also find the Societies Committee on Facebook.