Societies Committee Grants


The Societies Committee has a bursary to offer grants to Union affliated societies.

This money comes from money rasied within the Union.

Here's the process to apply for a grant.


Step 1: Fill out a grant form. 

You can download the form here.

Your treasuerer should know from Treasurer's Training how to fill one out. If you have any additional quetions, you can email or stop by Office Hours (Mondays 4-6pm in Main Bar). 


Step 2: Submit the form and come to office hours.

Once you've completed the form, please email it to You will also have to come to Office Hours (Mondays 4-6pm in Main Bar) to discuss the grant. 


Step 3: Reviewing your grant.

Once we're received your grant and looked over it with you, your grant will be discussed by the committtee at our Wednesday meetings.

If your grant is asking for over £500, you'll be asked to come to the meeting to present it and answer questions in person.


Step 4: Claiming your grant. 

You should hear back about your grant by the next Friday. Our Grants Officer (socgrant@) will email you how much you have been grant and a grant receipt. 

If claim your grant, just bring your grant reciept and any other relevant receipts to the Cash Office. 


 When should I apply for a grant? 

Grants are based on two main criertia:

Financial Need: The grant form asks you to put in how much money your societies is putting into the event, how much is being made from ticket sales/sponsorship and how the event will cost. We look at all of these to see if there is financial need. 

Merit of Event: Societies are meant to run events that are both congruent with their aims and are valuable to their members. The bottom of the grant form asks if your event contributes to things like your society, Town and Gown relations or student wellbeing. 


Time-wise, we recommend applying for a grant at least two weeks before your event. We strongly discourage retroactive grants.


As always, if you have any questions about this process, you can email the Societies Officer at