The Students' Association President is in charge of external relations, affordability issues such as accommodation and widening access, as well as strategy and governance.

The Students' Association President is in charge of external relations, affordability issues such as accommodation and widening access, as well as strategy and governance.


Hello, my name is Paloma Paige and I am your Students' Association President for 2018/19. I represent you at the highest levels, to  the University and the political spheres both local and national.  I focus my work on issues including student accommodation and tuition fees, widening access and outreach, sustainability and the environment and alumni engagement. My overarching role is to be a student advocate who champions your causes individually and collectively.  I am directly accountable to you - the students. You can find out a bit more about what my role entails in the sections below. If you have any querires, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me either electronocally or in person.

twitter: @StAPresident



External relations

National Representation - responding to consultations or decisions made by Westminter and Holyrood on behalf of St Andrews students.  

Scotish Sabbatical Forum - communicating and collaborating with the Sabbatical officers from other Scottish universities.

Press & Media - managing all press releases and enquiries as the official media contact for the Students' Association.

Community Relations - The president sits on the St Andrews Community Council and liases with the Police on issues affecting students in the town. 

University Relations - The president sits on the University Court and various sub-committees which make major decisions about how the University is run, to represent students in these decisions.  


Social Responsibility 

Accommodation - Accommodation is a constant an issue for students in St Andrews, not least because of the cost, and the stress of finding somewhere to live. The President works with the Accommodation Subcommitee on the 'Right to Rent' guide and Landlord-Tennant Charter, which give students loads of information on renting in St Andrews, and a list of LandLords who are signed on to our charter. Additionally the president works with the university's residents and business services, who run the halls to make them as suitable as possible for students, and negotiates the rent each year too. 

Widening Access - We want to represent a diverse student body, with students not only from around the world, but also from all social and economic backgrounds. The president's role is to encourage the university to do everything possible to ensure that all talented students have the opportunity to study here, no matter their background. This means we need to offer the support services and bursaries to remove some of the barriers to study. It also means we have the responsibility to work with the University on widening access intiatives for both prospective and current students.

Sustainability, Ethics and Environment - Working with the Environment officer, various student groups, and the university's environment team to encourage ethical and sustainable building, investment and living. 

Tuition Fees - The presidents role in the past few years has involved a lot of debate and negotiations around tuition fees, both for RUK (rest of UK) students and International students. 

Bursary Fund 



Students' Association strategy - The president spearheads the stratagy for the Association, which determines the long term direction and future operational plans for the building. She also chairs the finance committee of the Students' Association and negotiates for the annual block grant from the University that funds all society budgets, grants and events the Association hosts.

Alumni engagement - Ensuring alumni remain a key part of the St Andrews experience means that students have ready made mentors and networking opportunities during their time at University. Encouraging student - alumni relationships to be built up is crucial to maintaining the nature of the St Andrews community.