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The Piazza is our large driveway area, stretching from the main entrance to the edge of Market Street.

It's often used for bake sales, ticket sales, and other stalls, due to the high footfall next to the street. It can also host performances of all kinds.

A stall on the Piazza can be booked whenever the main building is open; check our opening hours.

Street-side stall

Cost: free for affiliated groups, otherwise £5/half day and £10/full day.

Any group running a bake sale on the piazza, or anywhere on Association premises, must follow these rules.

  • Goods sold at bake sales must not compete with Rector’s Cafe, and cannot be consumed in Rector’s Cafe.
  • A stall must be booked through reception, either in person or by contacting SArooms@.
  • "Bake sale" refers to pre-prepared baked goods such as cakes, biscuits. etc.
  • Ingredients must be clearly displayed. Allergens must be labelled in bold print.
  • Hot food and drinks, food requiring refrigeration, and food requiring preparation on site will not be permitted.

Anyone preparing or selling food and drink for bake sales should follow guidance at

If you have any questions, contact our Director of Events and Services at DoES@.

Performance or other event

  • Cost to hire: dependent on ticketing, security, and bar requirements. Contact DoES@.
  • Audiovisual equipment may be provided by Ents Crew. A gazebo is available, along with a power supply.