The Disabled Students’ Network is a subcommittee of the Students' Representative Council dedicated to representing disabled students, signposting support and resources, and running events and campaigns that promote an understanding of disability and building a supportive community for disabled students.

As a Union subcommittee, every matriculated student is automatically a member and everyone is welcome at any of our events regardless of if they have a disability.

Get involved with the DSN

The Disabled Students’ Network will be running events throughout the year including social events for disabled students, informational events, and events focused on raising awareness of disability and the experiences of disabled people. We will also be hosting a series of events for Disability Pride Week in week two! More information about our events will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook Page, as well as included in our mailing list.

If you're looking for advice and support, or to join a supportive community of other disabled students, please feel free to join the Disabilities in St Andrews Facebook group. The group is open to any current or incoming student who has a disability.

Our committee meetings are also open for any student to attend - whether you would like to observe, have an idea for an event or project, or have an issue you would like to raise with us. Our meetings take place every week on a Thursday from 5-6pm. If you would like to join, send us an email on DisabledStuNet@ and we can add you. Alongside our committee meetings, we’ll also be organising weekly Office Hours beginning in Week 1 if you would like to find out more about the committee or raise something individually. You can also contact us on Facebook or by email to raise an issue, discuss an idea, or find out more about the committee and the work we do!


Email: DisabledStuNet@

Instagram: @StADSN

Facebook: St Andrews DSN

Mailing list: sign up

Our online guide to the support and resources available for disabled students, including information about the DSN: Disability Guide

Support and resources for disabled students

The Disability Team supports students with a whole range of disabilities, including but not limited to: autism, ADHD, specific learning difficulties, mental health conditions, chronic illness, physical disabilities, and vision or hearing impairments. You can contact the Disability Team to discuss your needs and the support available by emailing disability@. Find out more about the support available for disabled students on the University's disabilities page.

Starting university can cause a lot of changes, and with new subjects and environments you might need adjustments you have not had before. We encourage every disabled student to discuss their needs with the Disability Team and find out about the support available.

Each school also has a Disability Coordinator. The Disability Team puts together a plan for adjustments that your School Disability Coordinator and Module Coordinators put in place in your department. Find out about them at:

There are Access Guides for University buildings on a service called AccessAble. You can find them all at

You can find out more about the support available in St Andrews in our online guide, written by disabled students.


  • SRC Disability Officer: Anna-Ruth Cockerham
  • Deputy Convenor: Molly Paechter
  • Secretary: Jane Yarnell
  • Treasurer: Catherine Essex
  • Events Officer: Kristina Kumpf
  • Publicity and Campaigns Officer: Maddy Shepherd
  • Neurodiversity Representative: Kiera Obi
  • Physical Disability Representative: Emma MacAndrews
  • Mental Health Representative: Natalya Stone
  • Chronic Illness Representative: Kirsty MacDonald
  • Accessibility Officer: Maja Juszczakiewicz Lewis
  • Association Director of Wellbeing: Emma Walsh