Association President

Hi! I'm Dan Marshall, your Association President for 2020/21. I'm in charge of external relations, sustainability, affordability issues such as accommodation and widening access, as well as strategy and governance.


Association President 2020/21

My role is to be a student advocate who champions what is important to you at all levels, from the University to political bodies both local and national.

I focus my work on issues including student accommodation, our local community, widening access and outreach, sustainability and the environment, and alumni engagement.

You can find out a bit more about what my role entails in the sections below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The President works closely with the SRC Accommodation Officer to run Accommodation Week, the How To Rent Campaign in semester 1, and the How to Move Out Campaign in semester 2.

The President advocates for student interests when it comes to housing policy in the private sector and the University's accommodation strategy.

The President negotiates University accommodation rent each year and they also work with the University to develop the Accommodation Bursary.

The President oversees the Union's collaborative relationship with Marks Out Of Tenancy, an online platform for reviewing one's landlord/letting agency and rental experience.

The SRC Accommodation Officer is line managed by the President.

Student community

Widening access

The President's role is to encourage the University to do everything possible to ensure that all talented students have the opportunity to study here, no matter their background. We are a diverse student body but can become more so, especially in terms of socio-economic backgrounds and pathways to University.

The President works with the University, the entire Sabbatical team, and many other groups to improve the experience for students from access backgrounds, from the point of application to participation in the student community once here.

The SRC Member for Widening Access & Participation is line managed jointly by the President and the DoWell.

Alumni engagement

The President is the main point of contact in the SA for Alumni. They are responsible for ensuring that alumni remain a key part of the St Andrews experience.

They help support student-alumni relationships, crucial to maintaining the nature of the St Andrews community.

The Association Alumni Officer is line managed by the President.

External relations

National representation

The President responds to consultations run by Westminster, Holyrood, and Fife Council on behalf of St Andrews students.

They monitor developments in policy and are responsible both for making external bodies aware of student concerns/views as well as for informing students about policy changes which directly impact them.

Community relations

The President is the first point of contact in the Students Association for issues affecting students in the town.

The President sits on the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council.

The Association Community Relations Officer is line managed by the President.

University relations

The President is a trustee of the University and sits on University Court as well as a number of its sub-committees. These groups make major high-level decisions about how the University is run and the President's role is to represent students in these decisions.


The President sits on the University's Brexit Preparedness Group with the DoEd. They regularly communicate with other Scottish SUs regarding the potential impacts of Brexit on students.

Related to Brexit, the President closely follows government policy regarding tuition fees and international student visas.

Press and media

The President manages all media enquiries as the official press contact for the Students' Association.

They coordinate and approve all press releases and statements/quotes given on behalf of the Students' Association.


The President heads up the strategic direction of the Students' Association and guides the high-level priorities for the year.


They sit on the Students' Association Board (SAB) and chair the SAB finance committee.

They are involved in negotiations for the annual block grant from the University which funds society budgets, grants and events the Union hosts.

Sustainability, ethics, and environment

The President works with the SAB, Union staff, and students to ensure that the Union operates, invests, and conducts its general business in such a way that reflects the ethics, principles and worldview of the majority of the student body, as voted upon by its elected representatives.

Working with the Association Environment officer, various student groups, community groups, and the University's environment team, they encourage the student community to be active and vocal on issues concerning sustainability.

The Association Environment Officer is line managed by the President.