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Funding is available to student groups and societies for the support of student projects & society events.
Each fund gives ?nancial assistance to different groups and each fund has it’s own selection criteria. Due to this it’s a good idea to research what funding is available to you and how you can apply for it.
To learn more visit:


If you are interested in politics, charity, faith, academics, food & drink, recreation, arts (and more!) we have over 150 af?liated student societies you may be interested in! 
Our societies regularly get up to a wide variety of activities, from pub crawls to trips abroad to instructional classes and more. It is so easy to ?nd something you are interested in and join them, or even start your own - visit our website for a full list of all our societies and for information about getting involved.

In addition to our societies we also have twelve subcommittees, or ‘super-societies’ of which you are already a member! 
Get involved if you are interested in teching events, debating, design or student radio, to name just a few.
Each Year:

  • Our Charities Campaign typically raises over £80,000
  • Our performing arts group (Mermaids) funds over 25 productions
  • Our voluntary service (SVS) supports over 300 volunteers


  • The Volunteer Recognition Scheme supports student volunteers and enables them to log their volunteering hours, develop key skills for the future, and provides a platform for formal recognision of student achievements.
  • Honorary Life Membership (or HLM) is awarded by the Students’ Association to individuals to recognise their outstanding contributions to the St Andrews student experience.
  • The Society Awards is an annual Awards night which celebrates the hard work and dedication of societies. There’s over £5,000 in prizes to be awarded across 10 categories.
  • The John Honey Award is dedicated to John Honey, a student who saved the lives of ?ve seamen during a storm in 1800. The award is given to a student who makes an extraordinary contribution to student wellbeing.
  • The Sandy Mackenzie Award is dedicated to our late Bar Manager, this is given to a student who has gone above and beyond in their involvement with the Association.
  • The Proctor’s Award recognises amazing commitment by students in enhancing learning and teaching at the University of St Andrews. 


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