Mermaids at The Edinburgh Fringe

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Immerse yourselves in the lives of five university students in the most overlooked room of the house and the secrets within. With graduation looming, they must learn to open up to those around them. Experience a flood of emotions through a medium everybody can relate to - singing in the shower!

Venue: Sweet Novotel (Venue 188) 80 Lauriston Place, Novotel Edinburgh Centre Hotel, EH3 9DE

Dates and Times: 4th-11th August, 4:30pm



The Hollywood Effect

The Hollywood Effect. Movies present a version of 'normal' life we think we ought to conform to. They gloss over life, giving us an ideal we believe attainable. Realise this 'normal' and 'ideal' life are in fact jargon, we are free. Free to live. To be ourselves.

Venue: theSpace on North Bridge (Perth Theatre)

Dates and Times: 13th-25th August (NO performance on August 19th), 6:05 pm



The Bacchae

When the king of Thebes refuses to recognise Dionysus, the god goes to the city to punish him. Or at least this should be the plot, if the theatre company weren’t arguing over how to stage The Bacchae on the night of the premiere.

Venue: Forest Theatre - Greenside @ Infirmary Street (Venue 236)

Dates and Times: 13th-25th ?August (NO performance on 19th), 5:20pm



The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds return to the Fringe to share with us their relationship with music [using their unique blend of contemporary a cappella and choral singing]. Expect an intimate gathering of folk songs, hymns, and pop music both past and present that tells of the incredible ways that music weaves its way into our souls and hearts.

Venue: The Space Venue 39. The Royal Mile

Dates and Times:  20-25th August,  7:25-8:15pm. 



Blind Mirth

Blind Mirth—St Andrews’ first, best and incidentally only improvised comedy troupe - are back for their seventh consecutive year at the Fringe with their combination of short and long-form games and their own particular brand of witty eccentricity.  The group is full of diverse humour, so prepare to expect the unexpected…

Venue: TheSpace on the Mile (Venue 39) Space two

Dates and Times:  3rd-11th and 13th-18th August, 9:25pm

Tickets: £7 (£6)








HMS Pinafore (Gilbert & Sullivan)

Climb aboard HMS Pinafore! Josephine's to be engaged to the First Lord of the Admiralty. But she’s madly in love with Ralph, a humble sailor, much to the annoyance of her strict father Captain Corcoran. Can Ralph summon the courage to confess his feelings and elope with her? What will happen when dear little Buttercup reveals a secret that could change the lives of everyone on the ship? The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of St Andrews bring Gilbert’s wittiest writing and Sullivan’s most soaring melodies to life in this lively story of turbulent love on the ocean blue.

Venue:Paradise in Augustines - Studio (Venue 152)

Dates and Times: 13th-18th August, 5:30pm

Tickets:£12 (£8)



Thaw is a charming comedy-drama and the writing debut of experienced director Louis Catliff. Thaw follows Laura at two stages in her life. We see young Laura having to say goodbye to her childhood best friend Evelyn, and, in the present day, Laura in an old-folks home suffering with the early stages of dementia as her son Henry struggles to care for her. In a tale of friendship, music, nostalgia and prune sandwiches, Thaw explores the transitionary stages of life and offers both heartbreak and humour abounds.

Venue: Ivy Studio, a Greenside venue, Infirmary Street (venue 236)

Dates and Times: 13th-25th August (not 19th), 7:35pm

Tickets:  £8.00 (£7.00 concessions)


One more show TBC


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