Meet Your Sabbaticals

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Our Students' Association has four Sabbatical Officers: our Students' Association President, the Director of Representation, the Director of Student Development and Activities, and the Director of Events and Services. As joint leaders of the Students' Association, they play a critical role in shaping the student experience here in St Andrews. 

Check out the list below for contact details of our sabbaticals. If you'd like to speak to them by phone, please call (01334 46) 2700 and our Reception will put you through if they are available.

president - charlotte andrew

As President, Charlotte is in charge of external relations, affordability issues such as accommodation and widening access, and Students' Association strategy and governance. Charlotte is the primary contact for any press enquiries, general concerns and community relations.


director of representation - jack carr

As Director of Representation (DoRep), Jack is responsible for advocating on issues such as education, equal opportunities and welfare, and democracy. Jack is the primary contact for any academic issues, wellbeing concerns or Students' Association election enquiries.


director of student development and activities - caroline christie

As Director of Student Development and Activites (DoSDA), Caroline is responsible for our extracurricular activities, including our many and varied student societies. Caroline is the primary contact for all societies, employability matters, and the impact of redevelopment on student use.


director of events and services - taryn o'connor

As Director of Events and Services (DoES), Taryn is in charge of events, commercial services and venue management. Taryn is the primary contact for talent agents, Freshers Week, venue bookings, and event enquiries. 




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