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Ribbit! Hop on over to a safe space of frog filled fun ranging from froggy conservation to Kermit the Frog listening parties. We're also the Best New Society 2020/21! <3

Ribbit Ribbit!

Hop on over to Frog Soc where we do many fun froggy things such as raising awareness of amphibian conservation, making frog earrings, playing leapfrog, listening to Kermit the Frog's hit single 'Rainbow Connection', and sending pictures of cute frogs in a very big group chat. We will fulfil all of your cottagecore needs. 

On a serious note, we're just here to provide a safe space for people to make friends and feel happy, and hopefully raise some money for our beloved froggy friends too <3 

With £3 membership, you will gain access to the Facebook Messenger groupchat (join the facebook group first), access to events and socials, a membership card and a gift. 

On an even more serious note, our mascot is named Ribért Pattinson and that in itself should be enough reason to join. 

Croak <3 


No memberships available. Contact the society for more information.

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