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Hello and welcome to the Univeristy of St Andrews Anthropology Society!

Our society aims to connect the current network of anthropology students, as well as create oppurtunities for students of all disciplines to explore what anthropology has to offer. Set up by students, run by students, and open to all students, we hope to bring like-minded individuals together and allow their passions to flourish. We are also affiliated with the University's social anthropology department, and so understand how current students need support around their studies.

By becoming a member of the society you can take advantage of the following events and opportunities:

Social Events

The Anthropology Society hosts regular social events in a variety of venues around St Andrews in order for our members to get to know eachother and have fun. This is an excellent way to network with fellow academics, or simply to make great friends! Join us for a pleasant picnic in the sun, some arts and crafts among friendly faces, or puppy cuddling in the union! If you're looking for something in the evening, come a long to one of our many pub nights in town or an atmospheric bonfire on the beach.

You can find further information about upcoming events in the Events section of this web page, or on any of our socials.

Academic Events

For a better sense of anthropological discourse and a chance to see great minds at work, join us at one or more of our academic events! These range from ethnographic film screenings, to showcases of alumni and current student research, to online and in-person pannel discussions. Our events are often attended by lecturers and staff members of the St Andrews social anthropology department, as well as relevant practitioners in the field, so that our members can gain a real understanding of work in and around the anthropological discipline. We also strive to make our events as accessible as possible, and thus record and post all of our events with closed captions to our youtube channel (linked at the bottom of this page).

Some of our past academic events have included:

-Christianity and Ethical Struggle. A Contemporary Discussion in Anthropology of Religion. (2022)

-Priveledge Bias in Algorithims. (2022) (In collaboration with St Andrews Feminist Society, St Andrews Computing Society, and St Andrews Sustainable Development Society)

-The Anthropology of Health and Well-Being. (2022)

-Multi-species Encounters and the Environment. (2021)

-Multi-species Encounters in our Everyday Lives. (2021)

You can find further information about upcoming events in the Events section of this web page, or on any of our socials.

Career Events

We work in collaboration with St Andrews alumni and the Careers Centre to provide oppurtunities for current students to find out more about careers relating to anthropology. Unsure where to go after your degree? Want to know more about how your degree can be put to use? Interested in continuing on to a career in research or academics? Consider attending one or more of our career events throughout the semester. Not only are these events a brilliant way to find out general information, but many of our members have taken part in programmes they discovered through our society!

You can find further information about upcoming events in the Events section of this web page, or on any of our socials.

Tales from the Field

'Tales from the Field' is the Anthropology Society's long-held, bi-annual tradition that we hold very dear to our hearts. Gathering staff members of the St Andrews social anthropology department, our members get together to hear fascinating and wonderful stories of ethnographic fieldwork conducted by our speakers. This can give members an idea of what ethnography entails in addition to a chance to meet the department members outside of the classroom. In the past these anecdotes have ranged from heartwarming stories of childbirth, to accounts of burial ceremonies on halloween, to surprising tales of sexual proclivities. Whether hosted in St Andrews' own Bell Pettigrew Museum, or in the relaxing atmosphere of a pub, 'Tales from the Field' is an event members will surely not want to miss.

You can find further information about upcoming events in the Events section of this web page, or on any of our socials.

Ethnographic Encounters

The Anthropology Society helps to promote the University's only ethnography-based journal: Ethnographic Encounters. 'A student-run undergraduate academic journal', Ethnographic Encounters' 'primary purpose' is to publish ethnographies written by students and engage with ethnographic methods and experiences across disciplines. Often showcasing projects completed by sub-honours students in a social anthropology module of the same name, the journal is an amazing chance to see the accomplishments of current undergraduates. It is also a fantastic oppurtunity to submit and publish your own work for the first time with an editing team of passionate and dedicated fellow students.

You can find further information about Ethnographic Encounters at their website by following the link here: You can also find the latest issue of the journal, Digital Research Methods, there!

Our Committee

The committe running the Anthropology Society is a group of hard-working and ardent individuals who strive to create a welcoming and engaging student community. All of our committee members are elected by society members during our AGM or EGM periods, when students may nominate themselves for a position and get elected onto the committee. Our next EGM will take place on the 30th of September 2022, with voting opening 26/09/22. The current available committee positions include:

-Vice President


-Fresher's Representative

-Post-grad Represenatative

For further information about the responsibilities of committee roles, information about an upcoming AGM or EGM, or general inquiries about the Society itself, please contact us through our email address ([email protected]) or any of our socials. Additionally, you can contact any of our 2022/2023 committee members individually through the following emails:

President: Phoebe ([email protected])

Treasurer: Dayuan ([email protected])

Events Secretary: Mohamed ([email protected])

Social Media Secretary: Xinyi ([email protected])

We also work closely with the Social Anthropology School President to ensure a well-connected and well-rounded community of happy St Andrews students. For inquiries about the social anthropology department or academic issues, please contact the current School President, Taylor ([email protected]).



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