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Student Project Fund

The Student Project Fund is a sum of money ring-fenced by the Students' Association, for any member(s) with a project idea that contributes to the student experience or provides clear student development.

The value of the fund is around £2,000 each academic year. Money is awarded on a discretionary basis and the Director of Student Development and Activities coordinates the administration of this fund.

The fund is administered by the funding body, which consists of the DoSDA, Association President, and Association Management Accountant.


  • The maximum award is £500. Additional funds can be applied for, but will require approval from the entire funding body.
  • If another fund is available to you or your group, you must apply to that fund first. Evidence of this must be provided when applying to the Student Project Fund. This includes:
  • The Association reserves the right to cap the number of applications a society or individual can make.
  • Funding can be used for events, marketing, travel, or any further costs.
  • Events supported by the fund must be open to all students, and follow the Association's Equality and Diversity Policy.
  • Funding cannot be used to purchase alcohol.
  • Original receipts/invoices must be provided for all purchases.
  • Changes to an event after the fund is awarded may lead to changes or withdrawal of funding. You must therefore notify DoSDA@ of any changes, including date and location.
  • Funded events are expected to make use of Association facilities, except where these are not available or suitable.
  • Any member(s) awarded funding may be expected to attend meetings with the DoSDA or Association President at regular intervals before, during, and after the project, to monitor progress and offer support.
  • A written report will be due on completion of the project, with the deadline set by the DoSDA at the time a grant is awarded.


Apply via this form. You must be logged in to view the page.

The funding body will email to confirm receipt of your application within one week.

For each application, the funding body will choose one of the following outcomes:

  • Approve grant in full
  • Approve grant in part
  • Offer a loan instead
  • Request further information
  • Reject application

Projects will be considered against all other applications received. Those that best serve the aims of the Association and its efforts in enhancing the student experience will be given priority.

Additional funding opportunity: Student Activities Fund

The Student Activities Fund is intended to show how the support of recent graduates can help current students. It is to enable a wide variety of projects, which will:

  • Improve student life and welfare
  • Enhance the student experience
  • Promote educational excellence

Awards will be given to successful applicants in early spring. Student groups can apply for up to £500 from the fund (awards up to £1,000 may also be considered). Note that applications from affiliated societies will be given priority.