White mugs with the Honorary Life Membership logo on them.
Honorary Life Membership

The Students’ Association awards Honorary Life Membership (HLM) to individuals who make an outstanding contribution to enhancing the St Andrews student experience.

Honorary Life Membership is not something that is bestowed lightly, and we will be looking for evidence of outstanding ability and determination in their respective field. Only around 50 HLMs will be awarded per academic year.

In addition to receiving a HLM, the Sandy Mackenzie Award is annually awarded to one member of the Association. Dedicated to our late Bar Manager, this award is given to a student who has truly gone above and beyond in their activities within the Association. Both of these awards are given by the HLM Committee (Four Sabbatical Officers and Three Union Staff).

Nominate someone

Nominations are open from Monday 18th March - Friday 3rd May

To nominate someone:

  1. Download and complete the nomination form.
  2. Upload your form for consideration.


HLMs are granted based on the following strict criteria:

  1. The nominee is a graduating student.
  2. The nominee has made an outstanding contribution to the Student Experience through their activities within the Students' Association while a student at St Andrews.
  3. The nominee is in good standing with the Students' Association, i.e. they are not currently banned or facing disciplinary action by the Association.

HLMs are given for activities within the Students' Association, its subcommittees, representative structures, or its affiliated societies. These may be for a large amount of work in one year, or over a number of years. Students may not self-nominate.

The University offers a number of awards for activities outside of the Students' Association, or within specific areas. For awards based on outstanding activity or volunteering within sport, please contact the AU President. There are 10 awards given to members of societies (not restricted to graduating students) as part of the Society Awards.

Previous Winners

Year Sandy Mackenzie Award HLM recipients
2022/23 Clara Harrison and Jane Yarnell View full list
2021/22 Ananya Jain View full list
2020/21 Morgan Morris View full list
2019/20 Paul Lancaster and Markus Lee View full list
2018/19 Lorraine Callaghan View full list
2017/18 Charlotte Haswll-West View full list
2016/17 Shilpa Jujjavarapu View full list
2015/16 Lavin Ge Tian View full list
2014/15   View full list
2013/14   View full list