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I am Mizuki and Postgraduate Development Officer for 2017–2018

I am Mizuki and Postgraduate Development Officer for 2017–2018

I am Mizuki and Postgraduate Development Officer for 2017–2018. I am responsiblefor liaising with all services that relate to non-academic and non-social parts of postgraduate students’ lives in St Andrews, such as Accommodation, CAPOD, Registry, and Student Services. To represent postgraduate students, I meet monthly with key staff and discuss issues relating above mentioned services and I am also involved in Student Representative Council (SRC) in the Student’s Association. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or issues (email: I will do my best to support and ensure all students’ voice is heard to the University. Academically, I am a second year Neuroscience PhD student studying how stress affects brain ageing. I first arrived in St Andrews in 2010 as an undergraduate studying the same subject and stayed here ever since. I hope you all have great experience and enjoy their time here as much as I have.


Information on the role

The Postgraduate Development Officer is elected in March by the postgraduate student body to represent non-academic postgraduate interests within the University and the Students’ Association.

Mizuki Morisaki is the current Postgraduate Development officer.

The position of Development Officer is a brand new role created to alleviate the workload of the Postgraduate Academic Convenor, as such the role's remit is to liaise with all services related to postgraduate life that do not fall under the categories of academic or social. These services include CAPOD, Accommodation, Student Services, Registry and many more.

Currently the Officer is initiating monthly meetings with these key services relating to postgraduate life and laying the foundations for future representatives.

Within the Students' Association, the Development Officer sits on the SRC and the Postgraduate Society committee.

The hub for postgraduate activities is the Postgraduate Society that organizes multiple events throughout the year and is led by the Postgraduate Society President (pgpres@).


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