Accommodation Officer

Hey there! My name is Charles, and I am the Association's Accommodation Officer.

Hey there! My name is Charles, and I am the Association's Accommodation Officer.

Hi I’m Charles and I am the Association's accommodation officer. My role at the union is so to answer any and all queries about your accommodation. Having now lived in this town for three years, in both private accommodation and halls of residence, I know the stresses that housing can bring; I am genuinely here for all of you. I will always be available during the week to meet up and discuss your issues! I will continuously be available by the email provided (srcaccommodation@).

As the SRC Accommodation Officer, I help represent student interests on issues of accommodation. I do this with the help of the members of the SRC Accommodation Subcommittee. We are able to offer help to students at various stages in their search for housing and can pressure the university when it comes to larger accommodation policy decisions.

The bulk of our work is focused on private housing— issues involving student flats and private letting agencies and landlords—and university-owned accommodation — issues which pertain to halls of residence, university-owned properties, and hall committees.

Halls of residence are key to the student experience and various members of the subcommittee focus on maintaining and enhancing the aspects of hall life that makes St Andrews unique. Meanwhile, they look for new ways to support all students living in halls. With regards to private accommodation, the medieval urban architecture of St Andrews puts lots of constraints on the housing market and is one of the main reasons behind strict housing regulations. We are currently helping to run a campaign to stop an increase in HMO Fees that will make halls more expensive, increase rent pressure, and damage social cohesion (Check out this Open Letter for more).

We are a small but friendly subcommittee made up of some very passionate and dedicated people. Please allow us to support you with accommodation in your time here in St Andrews. If you want to reach us, you can get in touch by emailing the following srcaccommodation@ or by messaging us on our Facebook page.