Mental Health First Aid

The following Students' Association officers have been trained in Scotland's Mental Health First Aid:

Name Position Completion Year
Aline Heyerick Postgraduate Society President 2015
Angus Russell-Froggatt Saints LGBT 2015
Anna Kennedy-O'Brien Charitable Societies Coordinator 2014
Claire Shirey Student Minds 2015
Clare Armstrong Community Relations Officer 2015
Eleanor Mullin Arts/Divinity Faculty President 2015
Fay Morrice Director of Student Development & Activities 2014
Holly Hohnston SRC Member for First Years 2015
Imogen Hawley Social Anthropology School President 2015
Jo Boon Feminist Society 2014
Joe Tantillo Director-elect of Representation 2014
Kate Mayer SRC Member for Students with Disabilities 2015
Kirsty MacIntosh Nightline 2015
Kyle Blain Director-elect of Student Development & Activities 2014
Laura Briody Student Minds 2015
Lavin Ge Tian SSC Ents Convenor 2015
Leon O'Rourke Director of Events & Services 2014
Marjan Magharehi Classics School President 2015
Miriam Chappell SRC Wellbeing Officer 2015
Natalie Clark Wellbeing Committee 2015
Nils Turner SRC Employability Officer 2015
Ondrej Hajda Director of Representation 2014
Sarah Thompson Athletic Union President 2014
Shilpa Jujjavarapu Charities Campaign Race2 Coordinator 2014
Sigrid Jorgensen Saints LGBT President 2014
Tania Strützel Postgraduate Convenor 2014
Zara Evans Association Chair 2014