John Honey Award

The John Honey Award is one of the most prestigious awards given out by the Students' Association.

The Award is given out in memory of John Honey (1781-1813), a student who bravely rescued five seamen from their wrecked ship during a storm in 1800. Students commemorate his life every year with a torchlit procession down the Pier, known as the Gaudie.

The John Honey Award is given to one student every year who makes an outstanding and exceptional contribution to student wellbeing during their time at St Andrews. Whilst this does not have to necessarily mean saving someone's life, the award will only be given out to a student who makes an extraordinary contribution to student wellbeing.

Anyone can nominate a matriculated student for the John Honey Award. Students who graduated in June 2018 may also be nominated for the award. The winner of the award will be decided by the Executive Committee, and announced in Semester 2. 2018's award is an exception and will be announced in Semester 1 of the 2018/19 session. The award will appear on the recipient's HEAR transcipt. For more information email Nick, the Director of Wellbeing on

To nominate a student email dowell@ with the students' name, matriculation number, email, and a 350 word statement on why they deserve the award. We request that nominations be submitted in the form of an attached word document, and the email have the subject line 'John Honey 2018'. Deadline for receipt of 2018 applications has been extended and is now strictly 5pm on Friday August 31st. 

Nominations for the Helping Hands Medal for Excellence in Supporting Students that can recognise both University of St Andrews students and staff are now open as well and will close on Wendesday 8 April. For more information visit the  University website.


Previous Recipients of the John Honey Award

Year Recipient
2017 Joe Revell
2016 Ondrej Hajda
2015 Upile Mtitimila
2011 Susana Kolb
2010 Claire Thomson
2008 David Strachan
2007* Elizabeth Irvine
2006* ?
2005* Ralph Covino
2004* Arabella Grinstead
2003* Phil Reid

Ross Nutter, Chris Ferrante, James Parkinson


* Awarded for 'selfless service to students of the University of St Andrews'.

If you have more information about the John Honey Award or its recipients, please email them to