Students' Association supports student wellbeing through the activities of its Wellbeing Committee, led by the Director of Wellbeing. The Wellbeing Committtee focuses its efforts around mental health, sexual health, personal safety and alcohol consumption, as well as Raisin Weekend, May Dip, and other university traditions.

The Students' Association supports and liaises with the University's Student Services and with the independent student-led groups Nightline, Sexpression and StAnd Together, all of whom hold a non-voting seat at the Wellbeing Committee meetings. Our meetings are open to all, so please don't hesitate to come along.

The Students' Association is dedicated to supporting student wellbeing and several of our officers are trained in Scotland's Mental Health First Aid.

 If you want to get involved, please email dowell@st-andrews.ac.uk



Director of Wellbeing - Nick Farrer
Secretary - Jasmine Rodriguez
Mental Health Representative - Emma Walsh
Sexual Health Representative - Gabriella Palermo
Health and Fitness Representative - Calum Kennedy
Personal Safety Representative - Ryad Khatib
Treasurer - Marina Haldopoulos
Publicity, Events and Outreach Officer - Amanda Ingram Jacobs
Design Officer - Sammi Ciardi
Association LGBT+ President - Zelda Kotyk
Association Lifelong Learners Officer - Sarah Ramage
Postgraduate Development Officer - Courtney Aitken
Member for Students with Disabilities - Emily Muller
Member for Widening Access and Participation - Ciara McCumiskey
Sexpression President - Niamh Kennedy
Nightline Publicity Representatives - Adeline Um & Daniel Johnstone
Got Consent Coordinator - Heather Farley
Peer Support Coordinator - Flora Smith
Listening Training Vice Coordinator - Anna Atwell